Netflix Watch List

Hey hey, it’s MJ, 

            So this post has been on the books several times and I just never got around to actually writing it but I feel like now is as good a time as any after bingeing a lot of shows since like March. I mean I have logged the hours on Netflix this year so I figure why not give you guys a few highlights from my watch list. 

            A lot of them are going to be TV shows because most of the movies I watch on Netflix are movies I have also seen off of Netflix and maybe eventually I will do another post but this will be a lot of TV shows that you can binge if you want.

            They aren’t in any order it’s just what I have been watching or I have watched that still exists on Netflix because I swear I get into a show and then it’s gone, Hawaii 5-0, Charmed, and even Doctor Who and Torchwood, all gone from Netflix. Seriously, just let us live. 

The Umbrella Academy

            I love this show, it’s outlandish and amazing, Gerard Way was a very influential musician during my adolescent years, back in my emo kid days so when I found out that he was involved in a comic book and it was becoming a show I watched the first season twice in a week. The second season I think I watched in two or three days. I need to watch it again because it is just one of those shows were most everything just fits so naturally that you can’t tear yourself away from it. 

Grey’s Anatomy

            I didn’t watch this show until the pandemic shut everything down and I think I watched all 15 seasons in like a month or so, I watched a lot of Netflix at the beginning of quarantine and it’s one of those shows that pulls you in, it gets crazy and there are so many characters that didn’t get a fair shake but it’s a good show overall no matter its flaws. 

Private Practice

            The Grey’s spin-off, I watched this when I ran out of new episodes of Grey’s to watch and it was a lot for me, I really enjoyed it and Kate Walsh is a phenomenal actress (who is also in the Umbrella Academy) it had a completely different feel from Grey’s and I think that’s what kept me hooked into it.

The Great British Bake Off

            Or whatever Netflix is calling it right now. I am very late to the party but I love baking shows, I watched a lot of Food Network growing up so I have a soft spot for cooking and baking shows and I got hooked to this one as well, I haven’t watched much of the new season yet because I have been cutting back on TV but every other season I have seen I have loved so far.

Nailed It

            Halfway between a comedy show and a baking show, I love watching people try their best at something like this because we have all been there, trying to make something look and taste perfect and it just doesn’t come out right, the classic Pinterest fail. It’s a fun show with some really interesting challenges that kept me laughing. I need to catch up on the newest season of this as well because I took a break from reality shows as well.

The IT Crowd

            It’s so good, I don’t know what else to say about it, like mid-2000’s office humor in the UK. I have watched the whole series and I will eventually watch it again because it had me laughing uncontrollably a few times.

The Crown

            I can’t wait for season 4, this was another quarantine show because I have been meaning to watch it since season one came out and I watched all three seasons instead. I think that most everyone loves the British Royal family and this show really does show a different side of them in historical fictional form.

The Witcher

            This is my best friend’s favorite video game, she’s amassed something like 1,300 hours in the game or some ridiculous number like that. I have read The Last Wish which has some of these tales in it and I really enjoyed it. The show is graphic in all sorts of ways and if that isn’t your scene don’t watch it but is a beautiful show over all, amazing cinematography and visual effects, so good.


            A very recent show that I have been meaning to watch for years, I binged everything Netflix has of the show so far and it’s so good. If you like a little bit of wit, some crime drama, some amazingly fleshed out characters, and just a really well planned and thought out show, give Lucifer a chance.

Good Witch

            It’s a really feel good show but it’s also a Hallmark show so that’s about what I expect but it’s really great and I have watched the whole series a few times because it just makes you feel good inside and I would love to live in a town like Middleton. Like if you want feel good and heartwarming give this show a watch. 


            Everyone pretty much knows this show and it’s good, a little repetitive and outlandish but it’s been on for 15 years so they were doing something right. I have watched it all the way to where Netflix has stopped it so far an I am on a rewatch because it’s been years since I have seen the original seasons so I am going through it again. 

 Criminal Minds, and NCIS

            I watched these for years on regular TV and I have watched a lot of them on Netflix now and both of them are just shows that remind me of a simpler time and the 2008 writers’ strike for some reason. I wish that Netflix wouldn’t have gotten rid of CSI:NY either, I loved that show. 

Schitt’s Creek

            It just ended and the final season is up on Netflix, I was not expecting to cry during the finale but I did. It’s one of those shows that has so many amazing moments and characters that are so well developed and you want to see more of them and they had so much growth throughout the show that you rooted for them to get the things they deserved after learning how to function in normal society. 

Kim’s Convenience

            It’s a really funny show and I am excited to eventually see season five. This was something that Netflix suggested to me earlier in the year and I watched it on a whim, it is very bingeable. 

The Good Place

            I cried at the series finale of this one too, I wasn’t expecting to cry but I did. It’s just a really fun show with a really unique plot and some really funny moments that had me laughing so hard I almost fell out of my chair. So many amazing actors and actresses with such a well developed plot that knew when it was time to stop the show and bow out with grace. 

Spenser Confidential

            The one movie that’s going to be on this list, I have only seen it once but my dad has watched it like a dozen times. I really enjoyed it and I need to watch it again but it’s this perfect balance of action and comedy with an interesting plot. 

            There are so many other shows and movies on my watch list but I think that’s enough suggestions for now and I am probably missing a few or they have since been taken off Netflix, like Friends, Parks and Recreation, and a few others. That is my one issue with Netflix they pull things off without much warning and sometimes you log in to finish a show and it’s just gone. I understand licensing prices but still a little warning system would be nice like “hey we are removing this show at the end of the month, watch it before it’s gone!” that’s it that’s all I need. 

            What do you like to watch on Netflix? Any suggestions for me?

            I’ll see y’all later in the week with another post, I hope your first week of November is going well!


Good Omens: A Witty and Only Sometimes Serious Mini-Series

Hey hey, it’s MJ,

So I am late to the party, I have been walking around like a zombie for a week or so now but I did manage to binge the entire limited series Good Omens on Amazon Prime. I feel like I am making my blog what I want and sometimes that’s not just beauty, sometimes it’s really interesting things that I watch on TV and Good Omens was amazing. I am not the first to review it, there are probably better, more put together, and more insightful reviews other places on the internet but this is my review and I’m sticking to it. 

            I mean, it’s going to have spoilers, if you haven’t seen it; don’t read it. If you don’t plan on watching it or you don’t care I will see everyone on Sunday with a different post. 

            I have been waiting for its Amazon release for a while now and I was so happy when it came out that I didn’t waste any time watching it. Now I didn’t watch all six episodes in one night, I stretched it from Friday night to Sunday night because I wanted to savor the story. I am going to say this right here right now, I have not read the book yet; I own it but I have yet to read it and since I am packing to move it’s going to be at least another month before I can sink my claws into the novel. 

            The show itself is quirky and the characters are very well played by their respective actors. I mean I now want a 1930’s Bentley that survives on sheer power of will and only plays Queen. It interweaves so many overlapping storylines and brings all of them to a crescendo so beautifully. 

            I am a huge Doctor Who fan so having one of my favorite doctor’s playing a slightly annoyed at all times demon was such a win in my book. 

            The dynamics of heaven and hell play off each other so well in this series that is the lead up to the apocalypse, both sides wanting a war and only two celestial beings, a band of children, a witch, and a witch finder can seem to solve. 

            Now I am not going to make comments on the similarities and differences from the book to the live action adaptation because I cannot make those connections, maybe one day I will do an in depth read through and watch over comparison but at this moment, I sadly am unable.

            I loved all of the Easter Eggs throughout the show that harkened back again to Doctor Who, many have been pointed out on Tumblr and more than likely many other social sharing platforms, I really enjoyed the small Easter Egg of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods novel being read in the series as well. 

            Cinematically is was stunning, blending so many different settings, time periods, styles, and characters into this fully amazing and realized tapestry of a masterpiece. 

            There is quite a bit of swearing, some violence, and some mildly explicit content so if you have aversions to any of those things, this may not be the show for you, I am going to give you that warning on the show right here and right now. 

            So what’s it about? For those of you who might be a little interested but aren’t convinced yet: 

            Good Omens follows an angel (Aziraphale) played by Michael Sheen and a demon (Crowley) played by David Tennant in the bringing and the coming of age of the anti-Christ, they are a bit bumbling at their jobs because they have both been on Earth since its beginning and 6,000 or so years is a long time. It follows them from the bringing to the week of the child’s 11th birthday, the whole show pretty much is contained in that one week in the lead up to the apocalypse. There are tangents showing the building of Crowley and Aziraphale’s relationship. (I will leave that up to interpretation.) Now as the time counts down heaven and hell are both on edge for a fight while our heroes? Anti-heroes? Saboteurs? I don’t know what you want to call them try and prevent the end of the world. They are not alone in the quest to make sure that the world doesn’t end but they are also opposed by the four horsemen (who ride really awesome motorcycles if I do say so myself) and the powers that be in their respective dimensions of the heavens and the underworld. As the boy comes into his power he starts to create things, things from his imagination come into being and it begins to start a global panic. While the main characters are trying to find the boy, there is a witch who goes to the village where he lives and tries to find him because of prophesies written some 400 years prior and a witch finder looking for her as well as the boy, that was a great sub-plot over all I must say. I’m not going to spoil the ending, except to say, when in hell ask for a rubber duck.

            It’s a fun watch and something that keeps you riveted from the first moment of narration to the very end frame and I will be watching it again at some point soon. (I also binged both seasons of Dirk Gentley’s Holistic Detective Agency this weekend so I was on a books made into shows kick. Such a good show, so short lived, can we get that back for the not so large audience who wants to know what happens next and see the rest of the Black Wing associated projects. Like I am raising my hand hoping beyond hope that someone picks it up even though it’s been off for two years and now I am rambling in a sidebar instead of finishing my review, my bad.) 

            Back to what I was saying, Good Omens was a great show, it really and truly was. I am not a critic so I don’t try and find fault in shows I sit, I watch, and I enjoy. It is one of those shows that you could watch over and over again and catch new and different things and because it is based off a book I now have the opportunity to go and read the book as well so I get even more insight and understanding into maybe some of the things that I didn’t fully understand from the show. 

            So if I have convinced you to give it a chance, awesome, I hope that you are not disappointed. If you don’t like my opinions, awesome, that’s why we have opinions. If you have already seen it, awesome, I want to know your thoughts! 

            Anyone have any suggestions on shows I should binge watch or just casually watch? 

I’ll see everyone Sunday with another post, I hope everyone has a great end to this week and I will see you then!