March 2022 IPSY Glam Bag Plus Unboxing

Hey hey, it’s MJ,

            Well, here we are with another post because I let March absolutely get away from me with no remorse at all. I feel like we are still at the beginning of March, it is for sure not, I am writing this on April First, AKA April Fool’s Day and I am trying not to get pranked by my class. 

            I don’t feel like I have much to say before I actually get into the meat of this post, I don’t really want to say much, I just want to get this written at this point. That’s not the kindest thing to say to a thing that I enjoy doing. I love blogging, it just bogs me down sometimes. Maybe it’s the content, maybe it’s the schedule; I really don’t know but somedays it’s just hard to write anything for this place that I like. 

The Bag:

            I like this one a lot better than the Glam Bag this month. I think it’s the all over patterning, I like all over patterning and this is just another example of IPSY doing a great job at that and the strings say “Power moves only” and this think this is the first time that the strings have had anything printed on them and that is super cool. I like the geometric pattern on this one as well, I know I am repeating that word a lot, but it’s true. Overall super cute bag that I cannot wait to find a reason to use. 

The Products: 

Freck Beauty Rich Bitch Cactus + Vitamin C Moisturizer: 

            Who doesn’t love a product with a funny name? I mean I love catchy names when it comes to products. That is one reason why I love Sunday Riley so much, also their stuff is amazing. I have never heard of this brand, I don’t think anyway, it is entirely possible that I have seen it before while scrolling through the internet and I just don’t remember it. I love a good moisturizer and I am always excited to try and new one. Okay, I have heard of the brand, they made the freckle pen, that’s why it was familiar. It’s got some really good ingredients in it so I am excited to give it a try when I run out of the other moisturizers that I have waiting in my fridge for their time to shine. 

Seoulkleen Probiotics Balancing Cleanser: 

            It’s K beauty from what I can assume with their name, I went to their website and confirmed my suspicions. K Beauty is one of the very few things that I can say with almost 100% certainty that I won’t have a reaction to. I am so excited to try this one out because I just opened up my last cleanser, even though collecting these beauty boxes makes me feel like a hoarder sometimes, so I am excited to be able to give this one a try as well. Also, the buzzwords of vegan and cruelty free will always get me interested. 

Laura Geller Baked Blush-n-Brighten Marbleized Blush in Tropic Hues: 

            I chose this one, I am still trying to get into blush, it’s working slowly but surely and then I fall back into my normal routine of foundation and concealer and maybe, if I’m feeling it, a couple of coats of mascara. It’s a really nice shade and I will feel like I am in the mid-2000’s with a marble blush, don’t ask me why, but I will. It’s clean beauty which is also really nice and it’s baked for 24 hours apparently. My dumb self didn’t think they actually baked the blush, I feel kind of dumb now. Can’t wait to have a reason to use this one though because it truly is a beautiful shade. 

Karmela Cosmetics The Defiance Palette: 

            This is what I would wear if I was planning a heist, I think it’s the name to be completely honest. It’s a nice neutral shades palette that’s not as large as some of my other neutral shade palettes. I love a good neutral shade though, I have not swatched these yet so I don’t know how the pigmentation is or the powder factor, I have no idea at the moment. I am going to judge the product by its package for a moment and say that it looks cool and fun. People on the IPSY reviews page have mixed feelings about this one so I can only imagine that it’s a little polarizing when it comes to what people want in an eyeshadow. I have been watching someone on TikTok make eyeshadow palettes into watercolor paint and that is super cool! Not going to do that, but it’s just worth mentioning that the clock app has taken over my life. 

Chella Good Drama Mascara in Black: 

            It’s mascara, I feel like I want to talk more about it, but it’s mascara and to me most mascaras are about the same. I know that some of them promise to make your lashes as big as the moon, but there are some that are $50 and some that are $7 and they do the same thing. Also, you have to throw them away after a few months and so it’s just not worth it, right? It’s water resistant so getting this one off is going to be an adventure, not my first rodeo and I am willing to look like a raccoon for a few minutes, just hope it’s worth the trouble in the end. 

            Well, there you all have it. My IPSY Glam Bag Plus from March, I am a little behind and I am in the middle of what I am calling “catch up post-mageddon” I just need to get things posted so I am not pulling out my own hair trying to move things around throughout the month when I can just have a few days where I post every day because it’s my blog and why not? 

            If you want to see what I got in my January or February bags you totally can, just click on the month and you can go over there and read them.

            I will be back I think tomorrow with another post, so until then I hope that everyone stays safe, happy, and healthy! 


What Was in My March 2022 IPSY Glam Bag?

Hey hey, it’s MJ,

            I have been putting off writing this post for weeks now. I didn’t mean to and I have a bunch of posts to post this week, there is going to be a solid week almost of posts so I can catch up for all the ones that I didn’t post in March, whoops my bad. 

            Honestly March got away from me which was a problem, I had so many plans for the month and then I didn’t get like any of them completed, it’s not great, but it happens. 

            So, let’s move on to the meat of this post, I liked my bag for the most part and I for sure liked the bag itself.

            I don’t think this post is going to be super long because my brain is tired and I don’t actually have the products in front of me as I write it, I have stashed them somewhere in my office and I am not going to go hunting for them, I do have work in the morning. 

The Bag: 

            Super cute and there were a few designs, two I think, I got this one, obviously. Power Moves, who doesn’t love that phrase, maybe not on a makeup bag but that’s cool too. I like the color scheme, but IPSY’s bags are usually super cool and well thought out pattern wise. 

The Products: 

Beauty Vaulte Bubbly Beverly Lip Set: 

            It’s a liquid lipstick and a lip liner, I love the shade and I am looking forward to giving it a try. I do not have a lot of lipliners so having another one is never a bad thing. I am so bad at using lipliner though, I am going to try my little heart out though and I am glad that I chose this one because it seems super fun and the shade is nice. 

First Aid Beauty Hydrating Eye Cream with Hyaluronic Acid: 

            I love First Aid Beauty, it’s one of those brands that I see all over the internet and like but never actually buy because it is on the more expensive side. I love a good eye cream as well so I am hoping that this one makes a good show at being what I need for my under eyes. 

Half Caked In Bloom Powder Blush in Soft Serve:

            I have had a few Half Caked products in the past and I liked them, the lipstick I got was not my shade so that went in the trash, this blush looks like a pretty good match for coming into spring and summer so that’s exciting. I don’t wear a lot of blush but I think for this one I can make an exception because it looks like a really nice shade. 

Refreshments Luscious Hand Cream in Coconut Colada: 

            This is IPSY’s brand and it’s already on my desk at work. I like how it feels but the scent is a little strong for me. It’s a nice hand cream though and I cannot complain about it because I am now using it daily. I like it, I just wish that the scent was a little more muted, it smells good but I feel like I am at a tiki bar every time I put it on my hands and that’s just a little weird for me.

Sand & Sky Australian Emu Apple Super Bounce Mask: 

            I thought that it was Emu and Apple but apparently the Emu Apple is a thing, I learned something new today. I like masks as much as anyone thought I have not been using them as much as I should, I really should be using them more because they have so many good things in them. I do prefer a leave on mask though, I don’t like to set timers and then rinse off the masks. It’s just not something that I personally enjoy. 

            Well, there you have it, my March Glam Bag, only a few weeks later. I liked the bag overall I feel like sometimes they are a bit hit and miss and I know that I shouldn’t feel that way because I am getting exposed to brands that I might not have seen otherwise, but it can be a little annoying to get a product that you can’t or won’t ever use even after saying that on the beauty quiz. 

            If you want to check out what else I’ve gotten this year, you totally can: January and February!

            I will be back really soon with another post, so until then I hope that everyone stays safe, happy, and healthy.