Autumn Candle Roundup

Hey hey, it’s MJ,

            So my last post was all about my autumn décor and now I am going to tell you all about the candles that I own because why not? I am at this point where I am kind of drained creatively so I figured a nice fun little post. 

            I haven’t purchased a candle in probably two years because I had so many, actually that’s a lie I bought two from Target a couple of weeks ago for the season, I love candles and if I had infinite money I would probably buy every candle Yankee Candle and Bath and Body Works sell, seriously. 

            Also where I live right now I can’t actually burn candles because that is against my lease so I just have them out in places to look cool. 

            So what candles do I have for this time of year? 

            Most of them smell like pumpkin because why not? 

            I feel like this post if going to be super short and disjoined but this, this is the post I can come up with today and they can’t all be winners, so work with me. Thanks. 

            Spellbound Sangria, it’s from Target’s dollar bins at the front because I shouldn’t look in those and it’s shaped like a cauldron, it’s cute and it sits on my desk because décor. 

            Crisp Morning Air from Yankee Candle also sits on my desk because I wanted another little candle on my desk. 

            Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut, it smells so good and it’s from Bath and Body Works which I still accidently call Bed Bath & Beyond all the time because they are similar so I make the mistake. 

            Pumpkin Spice, the most basic of the fall scents and one that I have all over my apartment, this one is from Hallmark and it’s too cute to actually burn. 

            Sand + Fog Pumpkin Spice, I got this at HomeGoods (the year before last I think) and I mentioned this in my décor post, it is a fun jar and I really just like it for the ambience and it smells good. 

            Misc fall Yankee Candles for my Skull holder, they are Pumpkin Pie (which I have two of), Sugar & Spice, Spiced Pumpkin, Cinnamon Stick, and Autumn in the Park. They will be used eventually when I can make sure that putting them in the skull holder will not ruin the skull holder. 

            Pumpkin Woods, from Bath and Body Works, this for sure held up books for like a year and half, now a Funko Pop! of Smaug holds up those books. 

            Pumpkin Spiced Cheesecake, it smells really great actually, I have made a pumpkin cheesecake before and it smells similar. 

            Spiced Pumpkin, this one is also from the Target dollar stop because it’s right inside the door and there are always really great things in there that they want you to make a snap decision on purchasing. 

            It’s short and I know that, believe me I feel like writing this makes me look insane, maybe I am but at the moment this is what I can produce, my brain is addled with my fall cold at the moment and I promised myself I would try really hard not to miss an upload. This is actually switched with another post because my lack of creativity to make another Halloween DIY, I’m working on it and hopefully I will come up with something by this weekend. If not I’ll move some more things around but here I am telling you about candles because while this was going to be a post it was not going to be a post yet. 

I would love to do a candle haul because that’s kind of this style of post but I can’t walk into a lot of these stores at the moment, the scents sometimes give me a headache and with having to wear a mask the scents stick and that means that a headache is almost guaranteed, so from my quarantine to you, candles.

            Hope y’all have a good rest of the week and I will see y’all on Sunday with another post.


Halloween/Autumn Décor

Hey hey, it’s MJ, 

            It’s October, how, how is it already October? My brain is still in March so there’s that but there is no way to stop the passage of time so here we are in the spookiest of months and I am excited. It’s the opening of the holiday season and Halloween is one of my favorites and I have been decorated for the holiday since early September because I wanted to feel some sense of normalcy and having a decorated apartment helps with that. The one problem with October is my fall cold, like clockwork I get a cold in the fall and in the spring when the weather starts to shift so writing this post was not at the top of my priority list which isn’t great but here we are none the less. 

            My Halloween plans this year are pretty much the same plans I have every year, sit on my couch with some candy or maybe some popcorn and watch a cute Halloween movie or two because I don’t like scary things. I don’t do the scary Halloween stuff, personal MJ story I was in 4H as a kid; it’s what you did in the corn fields of Indiana, I did girl scouts and 4H and quit both in middle school because I got tired of it, I think my mom got tired of it too but there’s that. So for 4H one weekend when I was in third or fourth grade we went to a corn maze and we were on the bus for hours, or it felt like hours to an seven or eight year old but the corn maze was fun and then at night there was a haunted maze and we had to go into it. My friend and I went into the corn maze and I don’t think I stopped screaming from the moment we walked in until we left. One of the performers who was probably in high school who jumped out at us as a zombie football player had to take his helmet off se we could see that he was just a person. Thanks dude you made my night a little better but to this day I can’t do scary things. I am pretty skittish, I jump at loud noises so in high school when all of my friends were going to haunted houses and telling me about them I avoided them like the plague. 

            None of that has to do with my decorations but I wanted to give y’all a glimpse into me because I feel like I don’t do that but the rest of the post is going to be about my décor, some of it I bought and some I made so bear with me. 

            The top of my bookcase in my office is full of pictures and stuff but for Halloween I added my cute little shadowbox DIY that was my last post and as someone who has devil horns I had to put them on my Vermont Teddy Bear that usually sports my Minnie mouse years but he gets my devil horns for the holiday unless I am wearing them. I am going to have a post about all of the fall candles I have amassed over the years but that is a post for later this month.

            Also in my office on my lower shelf I have some of my Halloween stuffed animals that I have had since I was a kid so of course they get to sit in here and hang out. 

            In my bedroom I have a tall vase full of small pumpkins and lights that I made a few years ago, I don’t remember if I ever talked about it when I was still making YouTube videos, I may go back to that someday but that day is not today, it was really simple to make and I got the idea from a magazine because they were selling something like that for a lot of money. I don’t really decorate my bedroom, don’t ask me why but I think it’s because that’s where I sleep and that’s really the only time I spend in there, I have some Christmas decorations that will go in there but I normally don’t have a lot of stuff in my bedroom.

            My living room is a different story, my table is full of things (that’s the feature picture!) and most of them are decorations, the pumpkin in the center was a DIY I did in 2017 for a video and I will eventually add more flowers to it, I did that to the one I gave my mom which is smaller but it has so many flowers on it and it looks super dope. The autumnal dachshunds I got from Target and I had to sew one of their legs back up because it was split and all of the ones they had in the store were but I love Target for holiday décor it’s always amazing. The little ‘Autumn’ metal sign should be on a wall but I don’t have anywhere to hang it so on the table it went. In front is one fake pumpkin (the maroon one) and on the left is a candle that I have never burned because I like the holder too much. 

            I also like arranging flowers, it’s a hobby of mine, at least it was for a long time and I want to get back into it but fake flowers are expensive, I mean they last for pretty much forever and I did this arrangement for my grandmother when she lived in the nursing home and she had it for a year in her room before she passed away. So it has a proud place in the fall on my kitchen counter but my kitchen is a mess and I don’t want people to see that so you get to see it atop something else. 

            All over my apartment I have pumpkins that my dad made, he likes to work with wood and has a full shop at their house and now that he’s retired he has a lot more time to actually make things for fun. I have all of them but one and the patterns are from Miesel’s if you know someone who likes to work with wood and wants to take time to make something super cute for funzies. 

            I have a bookcase in my living room that serves as a bar top as well (for someone who doesn’t drink I have bottles that I never touch and it’s…it’s a look) I have my sign board up with a cute little fall phrase and some candles because I love candles I really do and they make good décor. 

            I have pumpkins that I DIYed in my living room as well, I have one on my TV stand that says ‘One Bad Witch’ it was punny and I enjoyed it though if I could I would strip it all off and do it again because I messed up the first time.

            Next door to that I have one that I covered in rhinestones and oh my goodness I burned all of my fingers doing that and I would never do it again even though it’s so cute and I got the Maleficent dragon in a Funko Disney Treasures box when they still had control over it, man I miss those days. The squirrel next to it is something my dad made that I helped design because I made the joke of ‘desktop squirrels’, there is a bakery that has a tall one too that I helped design because sometimes we make a good team. 

            On top of the bookcase where I keep all of my trade paperback comic books (this should surprise no one) I have a little steampunk skull candle holder that I got at Yankee Candle a while back and the eyes look like they could glow in the dark, they do not which is disappointing. 

            One last place is my  entry table, I got the big pumpkin at HomeGoods last year because I wanted a big pumpkin for this table specifically. The ghost pumpkin lights up also but I normally never have batteries in them because I am terrible about even having batteries in my house let along the sheer volume I would have to have for all of my holiday décor, I got that at a little local place when I was in Indiana, and of course another pumpkin my dad made. Also because it is my entry table it also holds my house keys and one of my many masks because mask up for safety.

            There are other little bits around the apartment but nothing major and if I put in every little thing this post would be a lot longer and I think it’s long enough already. I love this time of year I love the leaves changing color and that sigh of relief that comes through the wind when the temperatures start to drop.

            I might do an updated Christmas décor when it gets to that time, which will probably be able Black Friday for me because I itch to put up my Christmas tree, though I just have a feeling that this year is going to be different. 

            Either way I will see y’all later in the week with another post! Have a good start to the week!