December 2020 IPSY Glam Bag Plus Unboxing

Hey hey, it’s MJ,

            So I cannot believe that this is the last Glam Bag Plus post of the year, how has this year slipped by so fast but also felt like 350 years of history all in about 366 days and we aren’t even at the end of the year yet. 

            There are going to be six items in this because I redeemed points and got a really nice eye shadow palette, I have another form the same brand and I love it so much. So there will be more items in this one that usual, though there are half and half skin care and cosmetics in this. I chose most of the skin care and the value of my box was insane for a $25 plus tax price tag. 

The Bag:

            I expected it to be shearling feeling by the pictures on the website but it’s finer than that, I really don’t know how to explain it but it’s not fuzzy but it’s still really nice. I do like the Glam Bag Plus bags lately now that they are different than the regular Glam Bag bags. 

The Products: 

            So what did I get? I will say this first though, the choices this month were better than months prior and I think they are finally starting to find their groove with this new choice system. 

Doucce Freematic Limited Edition Smokey Pro Palette:

            Doucce makes some amazing products, their mascara’s are some of my favorites ever and having another palette from them is always a great addition to the collection, I like their palette’s because the single pans come out so if you run out of one or want to switch up some colors you can with no problem, it also comes with a highlighter and I am a sucker for highlighters so having another one is pretty great over all. I also like that the matte shades and the shimmer/metallic shades are balanced four and four usually in a palette the balance shifts one or the other and that can make day looks more difficult. 

QMS Medicosmetics ACE Vitamin Day & Night Cream:

            I chose this one, I love a good day and night cream and I have been going though moisturizer a lot this year because well this year hasn’t been too nice to my skin between makeup and face masks and face masks while wearing makeup all day at work I have had more skin issues this fall than in months past so I chose this one in hope that I can get some really good moisture in my skin. Also this is one of those products that is luxury skin care that I would never buy at full price because of the price so being able to get it in a bag like this is amazing to me.

111Skin 3 Phase Anti-Blemish Booster

            I got two acne products in this bag, this one and the next one, I chose this one because I love 111Skin but it’s just out of my price range on a normal day but their products are amazing, I have a few of them stashed away in my fridge to keep them fresh and I am looking forward to being able to have another serum to try out.

Shaina B Miami Mini Miami Blush and Highlight Palette:

            I will never stop loving the flamingo logo’s in this brands pans, I chose this one as well and this was the last one that I chose this go round. I like the shades, the blush in shade Rosa is actually the right color for my skin tone Brickell is a little dark but I could almost use that as a contour shade so I’m not upset about it. Maybe it’ll look different on the skin than in the pan so who knows. 

Tula Skincare Go Away Acne Spot Treatment:

            I really like Tula as well, I have their cleanser and it’s one of my favorites so getting another Tula product is always nice. It’s another spot treatment and I think that I need to get back into using spot treatments again because again my skin is suffering from everything that’s been going on this year so I am really looking forward to adding this into my skincare routine to help combat my skin issues that have been cropping up a lot more recently. Like seriously I got my skin under control late last year and into this year and then well the world blew up and my skin has been suffering with the stress, masks, hormonal, and environmental stuff this year.

IL Makiage Color Boss Multi-Dimensional Eye Color in Eyes on the Prize:

            I am going to start off and say holy crap this is pigmented and so gold, I really like the shade and a little goes a long way. I love the packaging when I opened it I kept opening and closing the uni-carton because it was hinged and the packaging itself on the product is beautiful. The shade and pigmentation are great and I will find a use for this in looks in the future because it’s a great shade. 

            Overall my December Glam Bag Plus was a great way to end off the year with this service, I can’t wait to see what next year brings with the Glam Bag’s both the regular and the Plus but we will have to wait and see for what January will bring. 

            If you want to know what else I have gotten this year you can, January, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, and November.

            I will see all of you later in the week with another post so until then I hope everyone has a great rest of the week!


Christmas Candle Scent Round Up

Hey hey, it’s MJ, 

            I did a similar post for autumn and maybe I should have called this winter scents but let’s be real there are like four winter scent notes and I like all of them, vanilla, peppermint, cedar, and snow, whatever snow smells like. 

            I had a lot more holiday candles before we moved from Indiana but in an effort to not have to move so many candles because they are heavy I burned many of my holiday candles and I have yet to replace them so maybe this will be half scents of candles and the other half scent plugs of which I have two plug-ins in my apartment. I don’t know yet though so bear with me, let’s be real I never really know what’s going on, that’s just me as a person. 

            This post is probably going to be shorter than my autumn post with similar content but here we go.

Twisted Peppermint from Bath and Body Works, candle day was just a few short days ago and I of course skipped it because well I work during the week and I don’t feel like braving the mall in the evening this time of year, no thank you. I like the characters on this candle as well as the smell but for now it is going unburned on my bookshelf as part of a display of small stuffed animals.

            Evergreen also from Bath and Body Works, I love the smell of ever green trees and this one is great. I don’t really have much to say about this candle but I do really enjoy the scent and scents like it. 

            Several Bath and Body Works mini candles in Frosted Cranberry (pictured below), Fresh Sparkling Snow, and Fresh Balsam, I got these a while back actually when I was still working in Indiana during Secret Santa season, I bought some for myself while getting a gift for someone else and I haven’t burned them though I have had other mini candles from B&BW over the years and I have burned all of them. 

            My snowman candle holder, like my skull candle holder is from Yankee candle and I don’t actually know where all of my little votives are for this one the only one that I know where it is, is the one in the holder and that is North Pole. 

            Last but not least is my advent candle, I have had this one for probably 4 or 5 years now and I just don’t want to burn it, I know that burning candles is the purpose of candles but it’s the finality of it, besides I don’t actually have anything to put under it right now and I am still not allowed to burn candles so when I get a place that is really my own I will go back to purchasing and burning candles but until then they just hang out and are aesthetically pleasing. 

            Well I think that’s it for me for today, I know that this post isn’t long but they all don’t have to be epics in their own right. I have had a busy month and we only have one more week of school before break so there is always that to look forward to. 

            I will see everyone on Wednesday with another post but until then I hope that everyone has a great start to the week. 


2020 Bullet Journal Update #3

Hey hey, it’s MJ,

         I cannot believe that I am writing my last bullet journal update of the year. ( you can read the first and the second if you want) In truth I have been done with my bullet journal since about August, I had a lot of time and I am already almost done with January of next year because again; I had the time this week.

         Actually all of the non-creative pages for next year are done because then I can focus on the fun stuff instead of the weekly and monthly layouts. I know I mentioned that in post #2 this year but I felt like it’s been a while since then. 

         This post will look about the same as that one actually, month by month because that just makes sense to me at the moment and it’s a really organized why to put my thoughts down on paper. I know we aren’t really into December yet but bear with me. 

September Theme: 

         I grew up on Harry Potter, it came out when I was in like second or third grade and then the first movie came out when I was in fourth grade; I know because we went as a class to go see it after our teacher read it to us. (My fourth grade teacher was the best.) I love the world and the characters but I have had to separate myself from liking the author after recent comments. 

Cover: The Hogwarts crest and Hedwig wearing the sorting hat, I took a ridiculous amount of time on the crest and it’s still not perfect but that’s totally cool because I don’t want it to be perfect. 

Habit Tracker Drawing: I had to have a nod to the Marauders Map in here somewhere and putting it at the bottom of this tracker was a great choice if I do say so myself. I would love to have a map like the Marauders Map in my life, I would also love to have magic but you know. 

Mood Tracker: I got this idea from Pinterest and I ran with it, I had other ideas but none of them were as cool as this one so roll with me on it. 

The Last Page: Again, Pinterest. I have never really seen the spells like this and some of them could be wrong, I was not going to go and watch all eight films to find out. I didn’t want to do a quote page or a movie check list for this month and I really liked this idea when I saw it. 

October Theme: 

         Disney, because, duh. Next year everything is Disney; it’s a full year of different movies and characters next year. This month however is just general Disney no specific theme.

Cover: Well I wanted a double page like last month, I found the castle and traced it because art is hard, I did the same with Steamboat Willy but that one printed out funny so I had quite a time with it. I liked the idea of having a lot of color on one side and black and white on the other it just made so much sense to me and made me really happy while I was working on it no matter the frustration or blending or trying to get the character correct. 

Mood Tracker: I have seen Up a total of once and I know that Up is Pixar but it’s still Disney in my mind, it’s really cute and I know that the house isn’t colored in this picture, I didn’t realize it wasn’t until halfway through October and I just never retook the picture because I kind of like having the mood trackers blank. 

Quotes Page: All of the quotes on this page are from movies I am not using next year and I do like doing quotes when it’s a big universe that I am working on. 

November Theme:

         Doctor Who, because November. I have watched most of new Who, everything but 13 because I don’t have BBC America, I’ll watch it eventually. I love Doctor Who though, my graduation caps from college were two halves an 11thDoctor quote and it was one of those shows that I can watch over and over again because I love the stories and the characters. 

Cover: The TARDIS in the time stream or just floating through the galaxy, I tried really hard on the galaxy so work with me on it, I have drawn the TARDIS more than I would like to admit also so there’s that. 

Mood Tracker: In reality I am writing this before the end of November but the scarf looks nothing like Tom Baker’s iconic 4th Doctor scarf because of the colors that I use for my mood tracker but it’s the spirit that counts right? This was the only thing I thought of for the mood tracker because this scarf lends itself to a mood tracker and it’s just so iconic. 

Quotes Page: All new Who I think and one from Torchwood because that was a great show, well most of it. I picked my favorite quotes from the show that I quote every once in a while. Attack eyebrows is one of my favorite funny Doctor Who quotes and a few that made me cry when I watched them. 

December Theme: 

         I love the character of Sherlock Holmes, book version, Disney version, RDJ version, and the BBC version. I watched it over the summer again and if you forget about the last episode it’s fine. 

Cover: The left is hand drawn from a reference picture and the right, I cheated on. I printed it off the internet and drew some stuff on it because I could not draw that brocade. 

Mood Tracker: I like this one but it’s not my favorite, I messed up on some of the pods and I should have made them the days of the month but I am an idiot so roll with me again. The London Eye is so iconic just because it’s London and if I ever make it there I want to at least go see it. 

Quotes Page: I did limit this to the BBC version of Sherlock because there are some really good lines in the show and everything that Moriarty says is iconic so many of them are from him. 

         2020 has been insane and I am looking forward to what my Bullet Journal will look like next year, I don’t even really know yet but I am working on it. This year was a lot of fun to do and even though this year has been trial after trial I found myself with the time and the focus to get this year finished and even start on next year so I am not spending the year playing catch up each month.

         I will do a favorite pages post but not a what I am doing different post because I’m pretty much doing the same layout that I did this year because it worked really well for me and why ruin a good thing?

         I hope everyone has a great rest of the week and I will see you over the weekend with another post! 


Things that I did as Hobbies in 2020

Hey hey, it’s MJ,

         I feel like I have been writing a billion blog posts this year but I did try to do my two a week, well it worked about the last four months, I didn’t post anything in February and March. February because I was in a lot of pain because of my back and March because the world fell apart in March but I didn’t really hit my two a week stride until August and I am trying to keep it up. Posting twice a week consistently was one of my goals this year and I’m working on it now, it’s one of my goals for next year too so let’s see if I can actually do it.

         2020 has been a trial y’all it’s been one of those years that I just want to leave behind and look back on it with a grimace but I don’t think that the new year changing over to 2021 will miraculously fix all of our problems but we can hope, right?

         I write a lot of my posts in advance, like it’s the last day of Thanksgiving break and this post doesn’t come out for a week but I wanted to get it done when I had the time to do it so I could still have two a week even when school is back in session. 

         But what did I do this year as hobbies? 

1. I gamed

         I pretty much just played Animal Crossing New Horizons and I’m not playing Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild which I have been meaning to play for a while now and I am really bad at it, I die a lot but I am still playing it. 

2. I painted

         I did some random painting this year and I also did an acrylic pour, that one was fun but difficult and I still have yet to hang it up in my apartment. I want to do another one but I have to get more pouring medium so that will probably be a Christmas break project so in like three weeks (from when I’m writing this, two from the post date) so I’ll work on it then.

3. I wrote

         I wanted to get finished with six works in progress, I am done with four which is still a pretty good number. Writing has been a huge creative outlet for me for almost a decade now and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

4. I bullet journaled

         I have several posts about that from this year, update 1, 2, and when it’s published next week you can also read part 3. This was something that kept me sane through the quarantine in the spring and even over the summer because I pretty much have quarantined besides going to the grocery store, work, and essential things since March. 

5. I started working out again

         This was more recent but I have been walking 5K’s for fun, only two have been medaled but I have been walking all sorts of miles. I also have started to do yoga again, I am really bad at it but I am still working on it. 

6. I crafted

         I did a few DIY’s this year mostly for the holidays, which you can check out if you want because I did a cute little one for Halloween an then a second for Halloween and then I did one recently for Christmas

7. I read

         Seriously this was also in my self-care post from Wednesday but roll with me, I have read 35 books this year and lost myself in worlds beyond this one which was kind of nice, a lot of them were cozy mysteries and if you want to know what I have read you can because I am having a linking fest to this post, part 1, 2, and 3. I will probably even link part 4 when it gets published at the end of the month. 

         I feel like I did more things in 2020 but I don’t want to put over eat and cry in here because those aren’t really hobbies, they are cries for help so I think I am going to steer clear of those for now. 

         I wonder what everyone else did for hobbies this year because I feel like this year was a time where we all had to learn new hobbies or get back in touch with hobbies we haven’t picked up in years.

         I will see everyone on Wednesday with another post, which is already written so it will go up Wednesday unless I completely forget, but until then I hope everyone has a great start to the week!


Self-Care/ Mental Health Check Ideas

Hey hey, it’s MJ,

            I feel like this year has been one of those when you realize how much self-care that we should be doing and how much we don’t do. Also let’s be real I know that my mental health suffered this year and I found myself needing to do things that made me feel better and made me take care of myself. Self-care means different things to different people so what I do might not help you, but these are things that I have found that have helped me a lot this year to keep myself centered. 

            There aren’t going to be any photos in this one because I needed to make a list and I like lists, that’s something that actually really helps with my anxiety so here’s my list and it’s all my thoughts and opinions so if you don’t agree with me, that’s cool. 

1. Meditation

            So I have been doing guided meditation for a few years now and I don’t do it as often as I should, I usually listen to The Mindful Movement on YouTube and it’s great. I usually just put headphones in with a face mask on and hang out on my bed for 20-30 minutes and take the time to refocus my brain.

2. Sheet Masks/ Skin care

            Up until this year I would have called them just face masks but that has a different meaning now. So a sheet mask, I am partial to Tony Moly and a few others but I have a small crate of sheet masks in my fridge so I can use them whenever I want. I need to do this more now too because of the fact that I do wear a mask every day to work and my skin is suffering for it. Also just doing a good skin care routine can just make you feel so much better. 

3. Dance it out

            Just turn on some music and dance it out, sing along, just move and groove because sometimes listening to something you like and just move around. 

4. Turn off your phone or at least get off social media

            I have found myself needing detoxes from social media this year because it’s been a mess all over the internet no matter where it is. I just need to walk away because I don’t want to be brought down with people fighting and all of that. 

5. Read a book

            My goal is still 40 this year, I am at 35 right now and I just need five more in December which I have two weeks off in December so that’s exciting. Reading is a place to get lost in and really this year I think that we have al wanted to get a little lost and distance ourselves from the world and reality around us.

6. Get outside

            I found myself doing this a lot later in the pandemic, I have been walking and I have done two 5K’s now and I have one more this year, I am planning on doing a bunch more next year which I am excited about but just getting out into nature with your own thoughts can help you really take the time to refocus your mind and your energy. 

7. Write

            This one really works for me, I enjoy writing books and that’s something that always helps me focus and get my brain back on track. It’s creating something out of my own brain and that means that I have to make that time and energy to do something that’s important for me. You can just journal or keep a diary it doesn’t matter if what you write is 10 words or 100,000 words it is up to you and guess what you never have to show it to anyone, it can be just for you. 

8. Watch funny content

            Like I watch a lot of YouTube and I want to enjoy what I am watching or just laughing hysterically because that makes me feel better about things, find creators that you enjoy and roll with it; sometimes you go down the YouTube hole and it can take you to some interesting places. 

9. Talk to people you care about

            This year we have had to distance ourselves and not be around people that we care about so reaching out to people this year has been so important, make sure that you are checking in with people who you care about. It’s been a weird year to say the least. 

10. Watch a TV show or movie that you love

            I watch Labyrinth because it’s my favorite movie, I watch TV shows that I enjoy or that make me smile and sometimes that’s a holiday movie in April so just roll with it. I watched a lot of things on Netflix this year so if you want suggestions you can check that post out.

11. Color

            There’s a post on that too but sometimes just putting on some classical music and coloring can be really relaxing when you just need some time to zone out.

            I could go on and on with tips but I think I will leave it at 11 for now, I may have a second post that goes along with this one eventually but for now I am just going to go with this. I feel like I am a little disjointed with his post but it’s still here for me and for you if you need some self-care advice. 

            I hope everyone has a great rest of the week and I will see y’all on Sunday with another post! 


Let Them Drink Tea: Tea Suggestions

Hey hey, it’s MJ,

            It’s getting chilly out there and there is nothing better (in my personal opinion) than a good cup of tea on a cold day. This is not going to be a long post because it’s tea and not the gossip kind but the leaf kind. I know I am not great at jokes but bear with me. I drink a lot of tea during the fall, into the winter, and even back out into the spring. As long as it’s cold tea can always be called for. 

            I like coffee, don’t get me wrong but I can do about one cup a day before I am so wired I can’t sleep, I do drink caffeinated tea as well; sometimes as an alternative to coffee.

            I don’t mind bagged tea, though there are a few brands that I stick with, those are Twinings, Harney and Sons, Tazo, and the Republic of Tea. I also have a lot of loose leaf we have a local place called Savoy and I get tea there, when I lived near Chicago and they still had a store on Michigan Ave. I got David’s Tea (which you can still order online), and Teavana which of course is a huge name in tea. 

            I also will drink pretty much any kind of tea I like English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Chai, Black tea, Green tea, and others that I cannot name at the moment. As long as there is no licorice root in it; I’m good, for some reason licorice root does not sit well with me so I avoid it. I grew up on Celestial Seasonings tea, I don’t drink it much anymore but I used to drink their gingerbread themed tea in the winter every year. 

            If you like tea I would for sure give the David’s Tea website a check out, their selection is massive and I have never had anything from them that I don’t like, I don’t know if they have it anymore but Honey Black is probably my favorite; it smells just like honey and it’s so good. 

             I know that tea can be controversial (see what I did there) but usually you can find a kind of tea that you like, unless you are my mother who doesn’t like tea or coffee, she will call herself weird on that one. 

            I always listen to the steeping instructions, as someone who had left a tea bag in their water too long and then all you have is bitter water, you don’t want to do that. I am not a purist on what I put in my tea though, sometimes milk (well non-dairy milk of some kind), sometimes sugar, and sometimes nothing at all. Tea is one of those things that makes you feel better, a comfort in a mug also drinking tea just seems really fancy. I don’t own any fine China, I drink my tea out of a coffee mug but wouldn’t that be nice.

            Also if you like loose leaf tea get yourself some accessories, a tea ball or in my case a tea sloth, a tea pot with a built in strainer, a tea mug with a built in strainer, and a loose leaf tea spoon (I also use it for coffee). 

            Tea is one of those things that just makes me feel cozy and I like feeling cozy especially on rainy and overcast days when it’s cold and damp outside and you just want to curl up with a good book and a blanket. 

            So here’s to tea, and I hope y’all find one that you enjoy.

            Hope everyone has a great start to the week and I will see y’all on Wednesday with another post. 


Holiday Décor

Hey hey, it’s MJ,

            So I had a post two years ago about my holiday décor in my old apartment and I have moved since then so I have new things, mostly the same décor but in different spots. 

            This is not going to be a long post, it’s going to be some words but more photos than anything else. I am not including everything in my place because I have a lot of little bits and bobs all over, mostly stuffed animals, candles, and random small pieces of décor that I am not going to bore you with here. There are also a few things that I don’t have out that I had out in my old place but space is kind of limited in this place. 

            So I know it’s before Thanksgiving, I have been decorated for over a week now and I don’t regret it one little bit, I needed some happy in my apartment and putting up my Christmas decorations and my tree (which I will not be lighting until the day after Thanksgiving) made me really happy when I needed some joy. Is everything in the world fixed after slapping some lights and ornaments on a tree and putting on Christmas music? No but if I can get my own corner of happy I’m going to do it.

            My tree is the same, mostly all Hallmark but with a few new ornaments this year than in years past, I wrote a post on some of my favorites you can check that out if you want to. Here, unlike my old place, my tree is almost right inside the door instead of across the living room from it. I don’t know which I like better. 

            Also in my living room with my workout DVD’s and on my TV stand are some cute little mice that my grandmother had for a long time before I inherited them and some polar bears that I found in a box (honestly completely forgot I owned them). 

            Also in the box was my grandmother’s nativity set that my aunt painted, I knew that it was in the box but I didn’t know there were other things in the box with it. I made room or it this year because it’s been in a box for a few years now and I wanted it out this year. It took some time for me to get everything on top of the bookcase but I got it! 

            A few more things, these are in my bedroom, I made the large piece in the back a few years ago and the snow globes in like 2017, I think? I don’t actually remember, it was before I left Indiana so it’s been at least since Christmas 2017. I love the Grinch it’s one of my favorite Christmas movies, and yes I do mean any and all of the iterations of The Grinch.

            Next up is my dining room table, I do a different thing every year and this year I put up my rose gold reindeer and red chargers, I just like having something festive on my table this time of year. 

            I have a small tree with even smaller ornaments on the work table in the kitchen which is cute. 

            A Santa holding up another snow globe, my dad made the Santa, I made the snow globe. 

            Some penguins next to my mixer where the pumpkin was in my Halloween Décor post.

            The top of my comic book bookcase that has a penguin, a small candle, and a snowman candle holder. The rest of the stuff up there is up year round so nothing fancy.

            On my entry table this year is the stuff that was on my dining room table last year, I think that they will go back on the dining room table next year but I really don’t know yet because I just want to get through 2020 before I even start thinking about 2021. 

            In my office I have my small Christmas tree which I have had for three or four years now and I love so much. It doesn’t have a theme but if it did it would be plush things but also make it fashion because it’s just a cute tree. 

            I also have my third snow globe in my office next to a Boyd bear that I have had since I was a kid, this snow globe needs to be fixed because the deer and the tree have dislodged themselves from the floral foam so I think I just need to cut my losses and replace the foam. 

            Also a bonus: I made this arrangement for my mom and I absolutely love it, it’s at her house and I love arranging flowers but I haven’t done it in a few years.

            So that’s a lot of my bigger or more involved décor in the apartment and I am happy that I am decorated already. 

            I said this post wouldn’t be too long and I am trying to keep true to my word on that so I think that’s going to be it for this post, I hope if you celebrate American Thanksgiving that you all have a good, happy, and safe Thanksgiving even if we all have to celebrate it a little different this year. 

            I hope everyone has a good rest of the week and I will see y’all on Sunday with another post! 


A Christmas Décor DIY

Hey hey, it’s MJ, 

            This is probably the easiest Christmas DIY I have ever done and I have done a couple now. A while back I was looking in the dollar section at Target, you know at the front when you walk in with all the cute cheap things well it sucked me in and I found two things that gave me an idea, a chalkboard sled and a vinyl cut decal that said ‘dashing through the snow’ and it gave me a cute little idea. 

            I thought this was going to take me five minutes tops but I had to pull out all the little pieces in the cursive so it took me a little longer than expected but I did it! 

            So what do you need for a project like this, it doesn’t have to be exactly the same but for a cute little DIY that is something like this you are gonna need some things. 


            A backdrop (you can use wood, a piece of glass or whatever that you want to put words on)

            Vinyl die cut words (you can usually buy individual letters at most craft stores or if you have a circuit like go crazy!)

            A quote you like (I bought one that was already done)

            A paint pen (I used a Sharpie paint pen)

            Some paint (because I couldn’t find another paint pen or if you don’t want to use a paint pen you can use this.)

            The actual DIY: 

1.  Okay with this one, first of course gather your materials, this one is a little different than my Halloween ones because it was a lot of premade materials. 

2. I had to pick apart all of the die cut letters which I thought would take me like seconds, it took like ten minutes so if you can I would get individual letters but that would also present challenges. The reason I found this so challenging was the cursive lettering and the little pieces you don’t need were really hard to get out because I didn’t want to rip the letters.

3. I drew a straight line in pencil on my sled where I wanted the letters to go and with the words that worked out great, the letter’s not so much but it looks okay.

4. Put on some snowflakes, I did mine in gold because that was the pen I had at the time and I did add the white and silver snowflakes later (I seriously had it up in my house for a few weeks and it wasn’t actually finished.

5. Display, I have mine sitting in my office but you could hang it on a wall (depending on what it is and your quote) or display it however you want, it’s your craft. 

            Guys, let’s be honest with ourselves I am not great at writing DIY posts, I was better at making small DIY videos but I don’t feel like doing that at the moment, but sometimes it’s just the simple things that can help you get inspiration for a DIY. The Target dollar section is really good at that around holiday times. 

            This post isn’t long and to be honest I have been sitting on this one for a while half-finished because I have been focusing on other things, like decorating my apartment, helping my parents decorate their house, and work so this has kind of been taking a back burner; a lot of DIY and craft ideas are at the moment and that is alright.

            So it’s a cute little craft when it’s finished, that I can say because I have been staring at mine for a few weeks now and it’s not hard to do just to have a simple DIY somewhere in your holiday décor. 

            I hope everyone has a great start to the week, we are off this week from school because it’s Thanksgiving Break so I plan on writing several posts but I will see y’all on Wednesday with my actual updating Holiday Décor post, fingers crossed. 

            Hope everyone has a great start to the week!


November 2020 IPSY Glam Bag Plus Unboxing

Hey hey, it’s MJ,

            So this showed up in my mail a few days ago and I am not going to ramble as much as I usually do at the beginning of a post, I feel like I don’t have anything else to say that I haven’t already said a dozen times in 2020 posts. I will say this though, if you are able to hug your loved ones, you never know when you won’t be able to do that anymore. Someone I know lost her husband in a car accident earlier in the week and we take even simple words to our family members for granted, tell you parents that you love them, hug your pets, and check in on family members virtually that you can’t see right now. I know we are coming into the holiday season and a lot of people aren’t going to be able to celebrate in person with their family this year but please everyone be safe. Wear a mask, social distance, and if possible avoid large gatherings. 

            That for sure brought down the mood a little bit but it needed to be said, please be safe and responsible this holiday season because cases are on the rise again.

            Right so onto the actual post, like a huge 180 from what I was talking about but I feel like it needed to be said because people aren’t being smart and it’s causing problems for others. 

The Bag: 

            It’s cute, I still don’t know how I feel about getting the bags, I like the little glam bags for the regular Glam Bag but the drawstring bag for this one is still going to have to grow on me. I like the color blocking though and it’s a nice light weight bag that seems like a breathable material so it might work for something that might be on the damp side, maybe mask storage? 

The Products, what did I get?

Violet Voss Coral Pop Eyeshadow Palette:

            This was one of the two that was picked for me and I think it was a pretty good choice on IPSY’s part. So for years I have honestly called Violet Voss Violent Voss because I apparently can’t read. All the colors are super nice and there is this beautiful pop of a coral red. This palette is mostly neutral and it is going to go in my travel pile of palette’s because it’s a cute little six pan palette. The pigmentation and the holding power of this shadow is actually pretty great and I am actually looking forward to dipping into this palette.

Girlactik 3-in-1 Lip Sparkle Balm in Twinkle and Periwinkle:

            This is was the other IPSY chosen product and I do not have a lot of lip crayon products, I also like Girlactik, I have one of their lip balms and I actually really like it so I am looking forward to giving these two a chance. They are both actually really nice colors, I thought that I was going to like Twinkle more just because of the shade on the packaging but I think that I like Periwinkle a little bit more. They are very sparkly so if you are into that, this product might be for you. Also I am always afraid of crayons to be honest because I am never sure how to sharpen them, I am afraid of ruining them in the process. 

Tula Skincare Eye Feel Amazing Colling & Brightening Hydrogel Eye Masks: 

I love Tula, that is my current facial cleanser and I love the brand so when I saw a Tula product in my choices I wanted to so bad and that was one of my choices. I am really looking forward to this because I need to get back into meditation in the new year because I do miss taking a nice skin care break with a mask on or doing an eye mask because let’s be real I am tired like all the time and I would like to not look like I am super tired all the time. There are four in this set and I am really looking forward to using them, they are going in my fridge as soon as I am done taking a picture of them. 

Flesh Touch Flesh Highlighting Balm in Pinky:

            It’s kind of blinding y’all, I actually really like this even though you really don’t get much of it. I really love highlighters and that is not a secret, I should eventually do a new or updated highlighter round up but that will be for at some time next year. I feel like there are a lot of posts that I want to write next year. It a beautiful shade (seriously when I am writing these posts my hand is just covered in swatches) and I have seen Flesh before but I have never purchased anything from them, this might be my gateway product. 

Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Night Cream

            I see a Murad product and I jump at it, I love Murad so much and it’s just so expensive. Murad was kind of my gateway into good skin care products and I really like everything I have tried from them. I like the idea of a retinol night cream even though my skin is still pretty wrinkle free but that could change and this year has for sure added some small wrinkles to my face so I am really excited to give this one a try but I have some other that I need to use first that are hanging out in my fridge. I do love a good night cream though, I am still finishing off my Korres Wild Rose one and I love it so much.

            So overall this bag was kind of amazing, I loved it so much. I feel like maybe the Glam Bag Plus is finally starting to find its stride though I still think that giving more than four choices would be awesome but I don’t run the company. I really like IPSY and there is so much good about it, it for sure outweighs any of the problems. I am excited to see what my choices will be for next month, as long as it’s not eyeliner. 

            Do you subscribe? Did you get any really great products this month? 

            If you want to see what else I have gotten this year in my Glam Bag Plus’s, you can! January, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, and October!

            I hope everyone has a really great rest of the week and I will see y’all over the weekend with a new post!


Some of My Favorite Christmas Ornaments

Hey hey, it’s MJ,

            Alright it’s almost Thanksgiving and I am already decorated for Christmas, don’t even think about judging me… it’s been a year y’all and I just wanted to feel some happy from having my living space full of holiday cheer. I am not listening to Christmas music until at least late next week at the earliest and I am not going to light up my tree before Thanksgiving, I’m just getting all of it done so I don’t have to do it.

            Seriously I decorated my tree on Friday night while watching Star Wars Episode 4 and 5 because that was what I felt like doing on a Friday night, I live such a glamorous life because let’s be real that would have been pretty much my plans anyway even if we weren’t social distancing and quarantining, just mask up, wash your hands, and distance when possible. 

            But back to the reason for this post, some of my favorite ornaments. I will say this a lot of my ornaments that I had on my tree when I was a kid are packed up in my parents basement I only have a small number of my overall ornaments but most of them are from Hallmark because I am one of those people. 

This is the whole mess that goes on my regular Christmas tree, just so y’all have an idea of what I am working with.

            I have a lot of Marvel and Disney ornaments and if I did a post about all of them this would take you all of December to read and me most of November to write so I just picked a few ornaments and maybe next year I will do another post with a few more because most of the ornaments I am talking about aren’t available (Hallmark at least) anymore, I mean you could probably find them on the internet but they are not available in the stores. 

            So let’s get to it: 

            This ornament I made when I was still in Indiana with the first grade class that I worked with when I was getting my masters, they were making these cute little yarn stars and the teacher told me that I should make one, I still have it on my tree and it is displayed proudly because it reminds me of those kids who I later student taught when they were in third grade. 

            I got this one at Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth, Michigan. If you like Christmas it’s like the largest in the world and it’s like heaven. I’ve been there three times in my life and now I am many more miles away from it than I was in Indiana but if you like Christmas give their website a check. I have several ornaments from them, like you can spend several hundred dollars there without blinking. This is just a tiny penguin and it was made in Russia, it’s like a nesting doll but it’s all by itself and I love it so much.

            This balloon dog I got at Crystal Bridges which is an art museum in the city I live in now and they have a heart that was designed by the same artist, Jeff Koons and I still want a little balloon dog for my apartment but the one on the tree will have to do. I feel like every kid gets a balloon dog at some point during childhood and they are just fun. This is just a reminder of that fun as well as being a take on an artistic piece.

            These two came as a set also from Bronner’s and I just loved the idea of two marshmallows on my tree who are having very different days and some days I am the marshmallow on the left and some I am the one on the right but I always have them hanging together because they are just perfect and adorable. 

            Chip and Dale and this cartoon, I had a VHS tape as a kid that was a bunch of Disney cartoons, it was called A Walt Disney Christmas, this short was called Goofy’s Christmas Tree and I loved it as a little kid so when I saw that Hallmark was coming out with this ornament I had it on my wish list because I needed it on my tree. It’s just one of those cartoons that has stuck with me since I was little and I have seen it just a few times over the years but I still love it. 

            This Tangled themed mouse hat is from Disneyland, my best friend got it for me last Christmas or the Christmas before and I don’t really remember but Tangled is my one of my favorite Disney films. I get the Tangled Hallmark ornament every year that they have one so that’s fun. 

            Last is just my office Christmas tree, it’s just really aesthetically pleasing and it makes me happy every time I look over at it while I am working on anything at my desk. It’s not themed but it is pretty neutral for the most part. I don’t want to say too much about it because I am doing a new holiday décor post because I moved last year but I do really like the look of this tree if I do say so myself. 

            Alright, I think that’s enough. I just wanted to give y’all a taste of my ornaments and you can all see from the cover photo for this one that I have a lot that I didn’t talk about and that’s okay, my Eeyore collection, my Marvel ornaments, and several other series that I have on my tree. I know it’s early but I’m done decorating and my apartment just feels more festive and I want to feel festive this year.

            I will see y’all later in the week with a new post, I hope everyone has a good start to the week and be safe out there.