April 2023 Book of the Month Review: 

Title: Ana-Maria and The Fox

Author: Liana de la Cruz

Rating: 3.7/5

Hey hey, it’s MJ,

         I finished this book almost a week ago and I needed to walk away from it for a little while before I wrote the post because I find myself not wanting to write these longer form blog posts right after I have finished the book. I have some things to say about this one, some are really good some are just…fine. 

         There will be spoilers so if you want to read it, bye, I will see you for the next post. 

         I did like it, I want to start out with that, I did enjoy the book and that should be what matters most. I love a good historical romance; I have read several now and I liked the concept of this one with the Mexican elements of the war with France and fitting into English society. It was so culturally interesting because it took the Victorian era romance and get it a really interesting twist. 

         I liked the characters of the Luna sisters; do I think that will read what I can presume will be the other two for the other two sisters? I don’t know, I really don’t I might read Gabby’s story watching her fight with the duke because he’s been the one presented to probably end up with her. 

         I cannot start every paragraph with ‘I liked’ that’s just boring, but there were many things that I did like. I loved Gideon and Ana-Maria’s relationship building, but it felt very much like instalove and that is not really a trope I like, it’s a personal choice with that one because it makes the love story feel so much less authentic. 

         That was one problem I had with the story, the love story felt flat, it was like cardboard, they were cute and I was happy that they ended up together though there was a lot that surrounded them getting together that was so strange. The love story just fell really flat for me in this one, I wasn’t in love and I didn’t feel their love for one another throughout the book. Not until near the very end, even though they aren’t really in love with each other until the very end. 

         Alright, the whole plot with Lord Tyrell was so strange, I mean really, it was super weird and I was so confused as to the whole motivation, I know that he was working for the French, but there was just so much going on throughout that whole section and then the kidnapping…so much. 

         I remember some things from the novel but not enough to make it wholly memorable. I did enjoy the book for what it was, it was a fun read and an easy one at that. A good beach read, there is no doubt in my mind about that. 

         There were so many characters that I felt were mentioned and then mentioned so much later as if I am going to remember them and where they met them and everything else, that is such a problem with a lot of books that a bunch of characters are introduced near the beginning and then not until much later and then you are left trying to remember who this character was and why they are important. It’s like being told about your far extended family that you haven’t seen since you were a kid and you are expected to remember them. 

         This worked in tandem with the Civil War which gave it really interesting depth about slave trade because that was still happening at the time and it was fascinating and it did deepen the plot and the characters so much in such good ways. Gideon’s personal connection to it was amazing. 

         So, this book was a mixed bag, more good than not so good, but there were just some things that made it fall kind of meh for me. It’s a mid-level book, a good one time read, but not one of my favorites. 

         If you want to check out what I read in January, February, and March, you totally can! I will be back eventually with another post, so until then, stay safe, happy, and healthy!


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