July 2022 IPSY Glam Box Plus Unboxing

Hey hey, it’s MJ

            This is my last IPSY Glam Bag Plus post, it’s been over four years since I started getting IPSY and I jumped on the GB+ when it came out, I liked it for a long time. Now I just am not finding the joy in it. One day I might go back to it, but it just doesn’t feel like it aligns with my interests anymore. I have pretty much unsubscribed from all of my lifestyle stuff. I switched to a book box because that’s more in line for what I want now. I have been moving toward a larger book model for a long time because in truth that is my lifestyle. I am much more bookish than I am fashionable. 

            I wrestled with this decision for a while, I did and I don’t regret it. I have watched this brand grow and change for four years and while I enjoyed it, price increases and the feeling that my choices were becoming more and more less what I wanted or needed I made the decision. 

            So, one final time. I have had this document up for days, I should probably just get it done.

The Bag:

            It’s a cute little beachy wave pattern, in yellow and while with the drawstrings that look like those adjustable bracelets that we used to wear in the 90’s and 2000’s. I have seen then since then, but that’s my first thought were those bracelets. 

The Products: 

Murad Acne Control Oil and Pore Control Mattifier Broad Spectrum SPF45:

            I like Murad, that is no secret, no secret at all and I NEED to wear more SPF because I don’t wear enough. Though I also don’t go out in the sun much because at the moment it is 10:50 AM on a Monday and its 90 feels like 95, it might be up in the 100’s this afternoon. So, I should be wearing more sun protection when I am outside. 

Araceli Beauty Tequila Highlighter in Blanco:

            It’s a nice golden shade with a little bit of a bronze undertone, it diffuses nicely because like usual as I am writing this, I am swatching as I go, I am a mess and that is totally fine. I was never meant for the beauty community. I do like the shade though and it went on easily with not a lot of fall out and that’s always great when it comes to a highlighter. I do really like the brand Araceli as well; I have never had a product from them that I didn’t enjoy.

Sonäge Skincare Baby Frioz Mini Icy Globes in Lilac:

            I saw things like this on a Buzzfeed video years ago and I chose this one because I was like “why not?” They look like a lot of fun and I am looking forward to giving them a try. I just have to really figure out how to use them. I know that I will because I have been getting more and more into facial care like this because facials as a whole a very expensive. 

Volition Beauty Screen Time Hydra Mist:

            There were no other choices that I wanted in this category, I think it’s supposed to protect you from blue light or something, or it just hydrates you, I really don’t know. It came in a plastic bag and I’m glad it did because it leaked in transit so I had oil everywhere when I finally opened it up. I had to wash the bottle because it was so oily. It feels nice though, I am usually a person who if I need a hydrating mist, I use rose water, but we are giving this a try. 

Kimchi Chic Beauty Thailor Bronzer in Went to Malibu: 

            Okay, it diffuses out nicely but it’s too dark for me. I swatched it and now my hand just looks like I got into cocoa powder. I like the packaging and it went on alright, but it’s just too dark for me. That was a huge problem I had with IPSY; they choose these colors that they think will work but are usually too dark for me because I am so fair. They have to make sure they are doing the best for everyone which is great, but if I can’t use it, it feels like a waste. I might be able to make it work, but I would have to buff and blend it out almost completely. 

            So here we are, the end of an era, the end of a chapter in my blog journey and that is totally okay. Tastes change and I am not going to stagnate in my journey through life. Life is the hardest thing you will ever do so I am moving on from this. It doesn’t bring me the same amount of joy that it used to so I am moving on from it. 

            If you still want to see what else I have gotten this year though, you totally can, January, February, March, April, May, and June.

            I will be back later in the week with another post, so until then I hope that everyone stays safe, happy, and healthy!


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