An Accidental Hiatus

Hey hey, it’s MJ,

So here’s the deal, this little break was not on purpose. I just have been dealing with work and not been in a creative space blog post wise. I will hopefully post something this weekend, but my Spring Break starts on Friday and I am going out of town while a few of my packages (IPSY) are supposed to show up. So those will happen later in the month, I don’t know why but there is usually a month when I accidentally take a hiatus and I used to get so worried about it. I write here for fun, I have always done it for fun and while I should be posting on my regular schedule, I just can’t this month.

I will post when I can this month because that’s just what my life is right now. I had grades due today and that meant that my last several days have been full of trying to get grades in and prep for parent/teacher conferences which are right after we get back from break.

I have well over 100 posts on this place so if you want to read any of them just scroll down the feed and enjoy my ramblings.

I am hoping to post Sunday, I haven’t written the post yet, so if I don’t it’s because I didn’t get a chance and I will be traveling, by car, to Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana to visit family and friends so I will be exhausted. I will be back to posting regularly after my Spring Break.

So until then, I hope that everyone has a great St. Patrick’s Day, a great beginning to spring and stay safe, happy, and healthy!


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