2022 Goals

Hey hey, it’s MJ,

            Well, here we are, it’s 2022. It’s still 2019 and I don’t know what you are talking about. I know that in my post last year I hoped for the end of you know the thing, the thing that is everywhere, again. So, can we hope for an end to the thing in 2022? I fear if I speak its name, it will hear me. 

            This, like last year’s post is going to be a list, I love lists that is no secret if you have been around here for any length of time.

            Like last year I have goals, my goals actually are pretty similar to be completely honest because I didn’t achieve as much last year as I wanted to, that’s okay, we were all living through the thing. My goals are still separated into four categories, personal, professional, writing, and social. I again am going to keep my professional goals to myself because that is just not something I share very much on this platform.

1. Like last year I still want to do a bunch of 5K’s and longer challenges, I did a bunch this year and I feel better. I know that it’s extrinsic motivation, but here we are and I collect a lot of medals. Who doesn’t love a good medal? 

2. This last year I really did cut down on snacking and eating out and all of that so I really want to start eating more plant based this year as well as stop snacking completely. Last year at the end I didn’t snack because I was reading and writing so much, so that will probably be when I do again this year. 

3. I still want to get back into meditation, I didn’t do it at all last year and that’s dumb. I love to meditate and, on the days, when you get really into it you can fall asleep. 2020 and 2021 made me bitter and angry and I don’t want to be bitter and angry anymore. 

4. I want to read 50 books for my To Be Read list, plus my 12 Book of The Month books, and then others. I read over 75 last year when my goal was only 45 so let’s see if I can match that or hit 80. Who knows? But I also don’t have a social life so: books.

5. I want to keep up with both of my Bullet Journals this year, that’s right there are two this year my regular one and my book one because I love keeping track of things in multiple places. I am really excited to have two of them this year and make sure that I do it the whole year. 

6. I want to be consistent on this thing, there were some ups and downs last year and that meant I didn’t post as frequently as I wanted to or should have. I want to post twice a week, some times that just doesn’t happen though because my mental health starts kicking me in the shins. 

7. I want to keep working on my unfinished projects since I am at many now. I started the year with like three or four new unfinished projects, plus the two drafts that I didn’t finish last year. I finished them and came up with like five more ideas in the process, so my unfinished novel pile is now up to like 15 if you count all the series that I still need to work on. 

8. I really do want to look into publishing, I want to see my book in bookstores and on BookTok, maybe not, but who knows. I want to share my stories with the world because I have been writing books for nearly a decade and now, I have a whole shelf in my office full of binders of my work and that’s all they are doing; sitting. 

9. This is literally the same goal from last year because I need to say it again, I want to most of all be the truest version of myself that I can be, I want to be authentically MJ and I have gotten better at that over the years but I still have some work to do. I want to be violently who I am. If people can’t handle that I don’t have time. I am who I am, I am weird and quirky, and self-conscious. It took me a really long time to even start to like myself. I realized last summer after a long time that I don’t want to go anywhere, and what I mean by that is I don’t want to do myself harm anymore. After well over a decade of letting the void call me; it calls me a little less now. 

            There they are, my goals for 2022, I am not saying this is my year. I am walking into 2022 like I am sneaking in after curfew and I don’t want to get caught. (I never did that, but still.) I hope that you all set goals too, no matter how small they are. 

            I will be back later in the week with another post so until then I hope that everyone stays safe, happy, and healthy.


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