Bullet Journal Comparison #5: Habit Trackers

Hey hey, it’s MJ,

            Last comparison post of the year, now in all honesty I am writing this post in October so it’s going to be some time before this actually gets posted. I have been enjoying doing these comparison posts or evolution posts. I feel like I end up talking about how different 2018 is from 2021 and guess what; that’s okay. We all grow and change in our creative processes and here we are. 

            So this post is comparing my habit trackers, I for sure have changed my habit trackers over the years and so now instead of one page it’s two pages every month and I like tracking things. It’s also just me looking at my month and going “wow, I have not done that a lot or at all this month and that’s kind of a problem.” Well, here we are. 

            With a habit tracker I have seen people track multitudes of different things, I may track things different than others and that’s totally okay. 

2018: From the beginning to the end of 2018, I for sure added a bunch of different things to my habit tracker I started out tracking seven things and by December I was tracking 10 things. I still track most if not all of those things today, I have just added like a lot more since then. There is a lot that has changed since my original Bullet Journal and I look back at the lessons 2018 taught me, but I am glad to be moved on from it now in 2021.

2019: This was the first year that I did two different habit trackers. I am doing September of every year because why not. 2019 I clearly just stopped tracking things in September, that was my problem in my first few. I didn’t do it with the same consistency that I do now. I tracked a total of 21 things in 2019. I still track more now. This was another learning year because I did have two trackers. 

2020: 2020 was difficult, I mean we all know that. September of 2020 was rough for me, pretty much because I was sick for part of it. In 2020 I tracked 22 things instead of 21, so I didn’t add too many things but in 2020 I tracked how many days a month I did things. (I didn’t really care about that but I put it in again this year and have not filled any of them out.) 

‘2021: Here we are in the current year, in my current Bullet Journal I am still tracking 22 things. This year though, I put the days of the week below the numbers because I saw that on Pinterest and I loved that idea so I rolled with it. Like I said above I put the number of days completed at the bottom. I have never used them this year because I didn’t want to. It just didn’t serve me this year just it didn’t serve me last year either. 

2022: This one is a preview to my 2022 habit trackers; I am tracking 24 things next year. I have changed some of them because I want to make sure that I am tracking what I need and want to track throughout my year. I will probably do quotes underneath each like I used to because that was fun, I just don’t know yet though so we will find out next year. Honestly, I just put more Washi Tape underneath it because I didn’t want the pages to be too fussy.  

So, there we have it, four and into five years of Bullet Journaling, next year I will have two Bullet Journals between my yearly and my book so we are in for a treat as I move through the year. I know that this post isn’t super long and these posts usually aren’t. 

If you want to see all my other comparison posts, you totally can! Yearly covers, book cases, monthly covers, and mood trackers.

I am actually not sure when this post is going to go live, I have to check on my calendar. Beginning of December it looks like, so I hope everyone has a great start to the week and I will be back on Wednesday with another post. 

Until then I hope that everyone stays safe, happy, and healthy! 


2 thoughts on “Bullet Journal Comparison #5: Habit Trackers

  1. This is such an interesting analysis! I’ve been doing a somehow similar comparison on my blog as well and it’s been so interesting to see how my style evolved ☺️


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