Zox: My Fave Bracelets

Hey hey, it’s MJ,

            This is not a sponsored post, I just like the product and I need to say that straight out of the gate, right up at the top here. This company is one I discovered through Instagram and there are few ads that I click on for fun, this was one of them. 

            What made me click on it? It was the first bracelet that I bought, I was going through a lot in the spring and I needed a reminder, something physical that I could look at to remind me that I will make it through that no matter what I shouldn’t ever give up. 

            Zox has such a cool story and business, I just love the idea that they came up with to be able to wear your mantra on your wrist, to be able to have a cool design on the outside but only show people what they mean if you want to. I wear one every day and the cards they come with are just as fun, I try not to look at them before they show up at my door. I want so many of them but I will collect them slowly. 

            I have bought (as of the writing of this post) eight. That doesn’t seem like a lot but they all mean something to me so I’m going to talk about all of them. You can check out most of them on the website, there are a few that I got that I don’t even know if they sell anymore so sorry about that. I am going to show the card and the bracelet as best I can because I am not a professional product photographer. 

Never Give Up: This was the bracelet that inspired me to even start getting bracelets form Zox. I loved the color and the arrow motif because ‘follow your arrow’ is something that sticks close to my heart at all times. On the inside it says ‘Never Give Up’ and I need that. As someone who has suffered through mental health struggles since basically childhood, I have had a lot of times where everything seems hopeless. The card has the phrase ‘you’ve got this’ on the back and my best friend got me a keychain that said that exact phrase summer of 2020 so it means a lot to me. 

Keep Calm: I bought this one because of the design on the outside, but I work with kids. Last year I worked with middle schoolers and I sometimes needed to be reminded that I needed to keep calm around them. I overthink a lot, it’s just something that my anxiety does to me on the daily so that means sometimes I need a reminder that I am allowed to be calm, that I am allowed to let my brain rest and not overthink everything. 

Focus: I got this as a mystery, I kind of love ordering the mystery blind bag bands because it’s fun to have the unknown coming in the mail sometimes. I either hyper-focus or let my mind completely wander for days so here we are with a small reminder that focusing is totally okay and if you focus on a goal, you can plan on how to achieve it. 

You Have No Power Over Me: Okay this one I ordered all by itself because the strap is from my favorite movie, it’s from Labyrinth and if you know me in real life you know that is my favorite movie. I love it so much, so when this was one of the limited drops over the summer, I ran to get it. The card is so fun with a few references from the film and who doesn’t love that. I love the motifs on the outside of the maze, owls, and the clocks and the colors are so fun. This is probably contextually my favorite that I own because it means so much to me. 

Wanderlust: I want to travel; the word wander is really important for me for so many reasons. It’s in my fave Tolkien quote, it is kind of what my brain does when I am writing, and wanderlust as a whole reminds me that I want to wander, I want to explore, and someday I will. I love the map motif and the font that the word is in. I cannot get over how pretty this one is. This one is probably my second favorite of the collection that I currently own because it’s just so pretty and means so much. 

Wanderer: I have been called an escapist my whole life, it’s nothing new when someone tells me that my head is lost in the clouds, this one is related to the Wanderlust one above because they are really similar, I love the forest motif and the lettering. This one means a lot to me as well, I have spent a lot of time not knowing who I was or where I wanted to be, but that’s changed in the last couple of years. In my heart though, I am still wandering. 

You Are Enough: Someone I work with has this one as well, sometimes I think that I will never be enough. I was called worthless a lot as a younger human. I never did anything good enough and when you grow up with that it’s hard to see that you as a person, who you are as a being, is fine, you are valid and you are fine. You are enough, and no one should be able to tell you different. Don’t be a bully, don’t sit and tell people that you are better than them, you do not know the battle they are fighting, you so not know what they have been through. Treat everyone with kindness, seriously, it’s free. 

One Step at a Time: This is the one that I am currently wearing and will wear the week that I am writing this. It’s galaxy theme and who doesn’t love that. This was another mystery one that I ordered with the last three on this list and it seems that when I get a mystery one it’s always what I need at the time. I plan for years in the future; I have asked twice in this last week to ‘skip to the good part’ but that’s not how life works. I am one step closer than I was yesterday and that’s okay. I need to take steps not leaps and that’s sometimes hard for me so having this will remind me that progress can be slow, it can take a long time, but it will be worth it in the end. 

            Well, there we have it, all of my Zox bracelets. If you like mantras and positive affirmations, this brand is amazing for that. I cannot recommend them more highly. I want like all of the straps on their website because they are amazing and tiny little pieces of art that you can wear. I am not a jewelry person; I never really have been. I like it sometimes, but these, these are more my speed when it comes to daily wear. 

            I will be back later in the week with another post so until then I hope that everyone stays safe, happy, and healthy.


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