Hey hey, it’s MJ,

            That’s it, that’s the title. Coffee. I love coffee and that is no secret. I used to drink a lot of Starbucks, I don’t really anymore just because their coffee is so expensive. I also used to use single use K-Cup pods for my Keurig, but again, expensive and not so great for the environment. 

            Now I just buy bagged coffee. I get it cheap at HomeGoods usually, but this year I discovered something so much better. 

            Bones Coffee Company.

            I just really like their coffee, I want to shout out a good coffee company that makes a good product, that’s it, that’s the post. 

            I have tried several of their flavors and I have more in my fridge so I can use those in the coming weeks because I love flavored coffee. This post isn’t going to be super long it’s just me talking about coffee. 

            I love Bones packaging, their flavor names, and I get a sticker in my box and I am always excited about that. I ordered when they were having giveaways and I got an extra bag of coffee each time. 

            Seriously their packaging is amazing, I love the artwork with the skeleton’s so fun and it’s so creative. Kudos to whoever does that, it’s awesome, keep up the good work. 

Flavors I have tried so far: 

            Paradise Pie: I think that was what it was called, I don’t have pictures of any of these because I am an idiot so this post just won’t have pictures. Also this one is no longer on their website, I got two bags of this and thoroughly enjoyed both of them. Oops my bad, I just looked in my fridge and I still have one of the bags so I still get to enjoy one of them, exciting. 

            Sinn-O-Bun: Who doesn’t love a good cinnamon bun? I know I do and this coffee was so good. The best part of all of these is the smell and the taste for all of them is perfect. 

            Cookies & Dreams: So good, I wanted about a dozen Oreos every time I smelled this. It tasted to good too. 

            Strawberry Cheesecake: I bought a bag of this in my second sampler pack as well because I loved it so much. This one the one where my filter didn’t work so I had a bunch of coffee grounds in my cup, that was not fun. 

            Smorey Time: This one was probably my favorite of all the first batch that I tried, I love s’mores but I cannot handle eating one, they are just so messy. I love the smell though. 

Flavors I have, but haven’t tried yet: 

            Strawberry Cheesecake Chocolate Edition: This was my free bag last time I ordered because they were having a giveaway and I am so excited to give this one a try because of how much I liked the regular Strawberry Cheesecake.

Holy Cannoli: I have never seen The Godfather and I know that is a sin, I am very aware, but I love the packaging on this one. I have only had like two cannoli in my life so I really don’t know what this one is going to taste like, it smells really good though. 

French Toast: I love French toast so this one I am super excited for. I am always really excited for coffee. 

Electric Unicorn: Two points right off the bat, the packaging and the name, they are both phenomenal and I am so excited to give this one a try. I hope that I like it better then I liked the fruity pebbles coffee creamer, I really didn’t enjoy that one. 

From Dusk Till Donuts: I love it! I looks like a movie poster and who doesn’t love a jelly donut? I should just strip the stickers off the bags and keep them because I love them so much. 

I want to try all the fall/Halloween flavors too, but I don’t drink coffee during the week before school, only on the weekends during the school year so I don’t know if I am going to get the chance to try them this year. I love their names though and if you want amazing small batch medium roast coffee give Bones Coffee Company a try. I saw them online for almost a year before I pulled the trigger and bought some and I don’t regret it one bit, I regret waiting so long. 

I will see you all later in the week with another post, I hope everyone is properly caffeinated and stays safe, happy, and healthy. 


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