MJ’s 2021 Bullet Journal Update #2

Hey hey, it’s MJ,

            How is it already the end of June. I cannot believe that. So here I am with my second Bullet Journal Update of the year, you can check out the first three months of the year in my 2021 Bullet Journal Update #1. I like doing it every three months, sheerly because that means that I don’t have to write longer posts and I can focus on a smaller section of the year.

            Like I said in the first update of this year, my theme this year is Disney. It’s not hard to do Disney because it’s Disney. There is a lot of content with Disney and I am having fun with it. I am still on the fence about theming my journal for next year, but I still have a few months to figure that out. 

I am going to just jump straight into the content so bear with me, all of these are beach themed. I didn’t mean to have three beach or ocean themed months in a row; it just happened. 

April: Lilo and Stitch

Cover: Lilo and Stitch is one of my favorite Disney animated films, my Godfather took me to see it when it came out and then took me to Hawaii. He passed away in 2019 and I miss him dearly, I cannot watch this or Moana without crying because Moana came out a few months after I lost my grandmother so while I love them, I still cry a little when I watch them. 

            That has nothing to do with the cover so I am moving on from it and talking about the cover. I decided that because I cannot draw people to save my life some days I was just going to draw Stitch in the sand on one page and surf boards on the other page. I was actually really proud of the sunset on this page and I really enjoyed working on this.

Mood Tracker: I love the plumeria, it’s a beautiful flower and it plays an important subtle role in the film so of course I decided to do a lei and make it plumeria flowers. I know that they are not the right color because each flower would be one color not multiple. If I would ever do flowers again I would make 30-31 flowers and just color in one each day. I still love how I colored the leaves in on this page though.

Last Page: In all honesty, I traced this. I am not going to lie because I could not free hand this to save my life but it still turned out cute and I wanted something happy from the end of the film as my last page. Is it perfect? No. Does that make it any less fun to have in my Bullet Journal? No. 

May: Moana

Cover: Look at me with beach and ocean themed months, oops my bad. I love Moana, it’s a phenomenal movie and I love the sidekicks. Hence why Puan ad Hei Hei got their own spot with the ocean kind of watching them. I think everyone is watching Hei Hei peck at the rock; that’s what I thought when I put it in here. I had to have the outrigger, it’s a big part of the film so of course it had to make an appearance somewhere in the theme. 

Mood Tracker: Of course it’s Maui’s hook, I had to have that somewhere in here as well. There was a brief consideration to make it something with Tamatoa because the song ‘Shiny’ made me laugh out loud in the theatre, my best friend and I would text each other SHhhhhhhIiiiNnnnnneyyyy every once in a while because it made me laugh so hard the first time I heard the song. 

Last Page: I loved the symbolism of making the island one rock higher with every chief and Moana putting her shell on it when they went back to voyaging. I really like doing more intricate and complicated pages even though this one for sure took me like two hours while I was watching The Great British Baking Show. I finished May in like April so I was catching up on things; at least I think that’s what I was watching, it was either that or The Repair Shop I don’t remember to be honest. 

June: The Little Mermaid

Cover: I wanted the beginning and the end of the film represented, the beginning with the fireworks and Ariel and the end with her leaving on the ship toward her happily ever after. This page alone took me probably 3-4 hours all told and I really like how it turned out.

Mood Tracker: Shells, of course it’s shells. It was going to be either that or the little slugs that Ursula turned the merpeople into, but I liked the shells better. I feel like this one is pretty straight forward so I don’t really have much to say about it. I like the colors, they were fun to draw, and if I did it again I would make individual ones for each day.

Last Page: I love the ‘Kiss the Girl’ scene from the film and I just love when they sail into the grotto and you see it for the first time, it’s magic. I wanted to feel that magic again even just for a brief moment because everyone deserves a little magic in their lives. I didn’t put any of the creatures in it or Ariel and Eric because again, I cannot draw people and I didn’t want to ruin this page. 

            Well there it is, three more months in my Bullet Journal. I love Bullet Journaling, I know that it is not for everyone, but I like the freedom of being able to start with a blank page and make it whatever I want to make it. Hopefully, I will be back at the end of September with the third installment, I am still really trying to Bullet Journal this whole year, I think I will be doing a comparison post for my last four years’ worth of Bullet Journals at least a few pages from each year just to see how much I have changed and grown since I started Bullet Journaling in 2018. I will probably do a few of those posts now that I have four years of material now, well three and a half minus a few months that I have missed over the years. 

            I was finishing off this post and got distracted by the accursed clock app, I lose a lot of time on that place, when I was in high school the only Tik Tok we had was by Ke$ha. 

            Well I will be back at the end of the week with another post, it’s already scheduled because things came in later this month than planned so I had to move some things back and I took a week off so you will see another post from me on Sunday. 

            I hope that everyone has an amazing, healthy, and productive rest of the week and a safe, fun, and responsible Fourth of July weekend to my American friends. 


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