Things I Collect: An Overview

Hey hey, it’s MJ,

            Here’s the deal, I wrote this post over a month ago, like I said in my last post; I didn’t mean to take a month off. I did though and I can’t take that back. So I am going to preface this post with that. However, I am going to leave the rest of this post in its entirety because I think that authenticity is important and I don’t want to delete an intro where I talk about what I was dealing with a month ago that I am kind of still dealing with today. 

Again I feel like I don’t have a creative thought in my body right now, is this what burn out truly feels like? I love writing on the blog and it’s something that is important to me but at the moment my whole creative process is feeling kind of stunted.

            This post isn’t even going to be on time at my normal noon posting time because I am sitting at work on my free period and writing this because I need to get something out and at this point it might just be utter garbage. 

            Guess who’s making another list post! It’s me! 

            I do collect a lot of things, I joke that I collect dust too but that’s not something that needs to be on this list. I collect water bottles, coffee cups, and a whole host of other pointless things that aren’t going to make it onto this list and that’s fine. 

            This post isn’t going to be super long because that is about the mental capacity that I have today.

            But really, what do I actually actively collect?

Funko Pops!: 

            I made a whole post on my favorite Funko Pops! Since that list though I got two as a birthday present, Falcon and The Winter Soldier and they are sitting on my desk at the moment and they make me smile. You can check out my whole post though because I don’t feel the need to rehash all of those details here a second time.


            Yes, I still buy CD’s I am not a huge fan of buying music digitally because I like having the booklets with information and lyrics so I don’t have to look up the lyrics on the internet. I have like two boxes at my parents place but I keep some of my newer CD’s out in my apartment. 


            This is a new collection and I am expecting another one to show up next week. I like getting things for completing goals and I need to get back into my groove so I can get more medals as I go along. 


            I have never counted how many books I actually own, I really should. I have a list on my laptop and it wouldn’t take long so I think I will and let you know; I have about 330 books in my collection. Some of them are still packed away until I have the room and the ability to have a library or at least a few large bookcases, I used to have more but I got rid of a lot of them.  

Comic Books: 

            I have both trade paperback and single issue, I have over 100 single issues and probably about 50 trade paperbacks. I collected a lot of them in college and I just haven’t been collecting them recently even though I need to get back into comic books. (leave me suggestions of you have them)

Bullet Journal Supplies: 

            I have so many stickers and I got all of them on sale, I do not pay full price or stickers; there is almost no point to me to pay full price for stickers that I will just be able to use once. Pens, washi tape, and anything else that I can think of that goes in my Bullet Journal gets collected. I wrote a whole post about my Bullet Journal supplies too and if you want to check that out you can.

            I know there are more things that I collect or used to collect a lot more frequently than I do now, I don’t have the room in my apartment for things and at this moment I don’t really think I need more things. I could mention my makeup and sheet mask collections but that is for another day, and I have written at nauseum about my makeup collection already so I feel like I don’t need to mention that again at this moment. 

            This post is really short because I am writing it on the fly and not at home. My brain is just feeling that strain of my week this week so I just need to write something simple and straight forward until I get all of my creative juices flowing back, I am really hoping that happens soon. I need to meditate more. 

            I will be back over the weekend with something, at this point who knows what with how these last few posts have been going. 

            I do hope everyone has a great rest of the week and I hope that everyone stays safe, happy, and healthy! 


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