What was in My March 2021 IPSY Glam Bag?

Hey hey, it’s MJ,

            If you look at the title of this post it should be obvious on what the content of it should be, yea I get that and this feels a little click baiting but at the moment I am a little upset about the fact that I cannot show you what was in my Glam Bag this month because it has been lost in Memphis at the USPS sorting facility since the 13th of this month. 

            So here is where I talk about it, eventually, if it shows up I will write a real post on it but at the moment I need to have a real conversation about the fact that a package that I get monthly and is not super easy to lose has seemed to have gotten lost. It’s in a pink package for crying out loud.

            I understand completely that the USPS has been overworked to the brink of it for the last year with the pandemic but I have never had a package get lost at this facility for this long ever before. I few days, sure, that happens but it’s been over two weeks since it suddenly just stopped in transit. 

            ISPY as a company wants you to wait 15 busines days to report something stalled or missing, well I am sitting at 11 now, I have to wait until Friday to inquire about the loss of a package that I pay monthly for. I have already picked my customization option for next month and the company wants me to review my products. I can’t, I don’t have them. 

            I am not happy with my shipping experience this month, my Glam Bag + made it in a few days but it seems that my regular Glam Bag has fallen through the cracks and I have a feeling that I will have to ask for a replacement or a refund  and I was looking forward to the products that I was getting. 

            I know that with the pandemic shipping times have gotten longer and longer and I get that but for my package to arrive at the facility at like 1 in the morning on the 13th and now nothing since then makes me think that something happened to it in transit though the facility. 

            Normally I don’t complain about things like this because it really is just stuff but I write a blog post on this bag every month so at the moment I am down a blog post, hence why I am writing this one at the moment because I feel the need to explain why there isn’t  GB post this month even if the post would only get a few views.

            I am not one to go into the comment sections on social media and express my distain for the situation but I am going to use this platform to state my problem, I have a lost package and I am not too happy about it. 

            So until I get some information either through the tracking or the company when I email them on Friday I guess I am in a catch 22 and I don’t like feeling that way. 

            Until then if you want to read about what else I have gotten this year, you totally can. Just click on the month and you can read that post, January and February

            Until next time with another post, stay safe, happy, and healthy and I will see everyone soon with another post. 


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