A Short Pause

Hey hey, it’s MJ,

Normally I don’t write directly into the editor on my blog, I always write it in a word document and transfer it over but right now I am just writing something short and sweet.

I promised myself that I wouldn’t take any time off this year, I was going to post two times a week every week and that was a promise to myself this year. Well I am a person and right now I have hit a creative wall and I didn’t mean to take last Wednesday off. I was planning on posting something but nothing came to my brain to actually post so I left it. Today I also had a plan to post something else that I already have written but I just woke up this morning and I didn’t want to.

My mental health tanked last year and February and March are usually the months where my depression really hits me and I need to take care of myself. I’m not going to be gone for long for the few people who read this blog. I’m only taking another week off, I’ll be back on Sunday next week (2/14), Valentine’s Day because I don’t have a Valentine, I will probably spend that day writing and hanging out with my family. I just need a few days to get my blog post based creative mojo back.

I am just burned out on social media at the moment and I think that a lot of other people are also, I have seen so many really large creators take breaks this year as opposed to years prior and it’s hard to keep that energy going while the world is falling apart. This blog is a creative outlet to me in a public space but right now I just don’t want to share anything. Like I said it’s going to be a week, last year I took all of February and March off and I don’t want to do that this year because I have been trying to be more accountable with my posting schedule.

I have like 150 blog posts to check out if someone needs something to read in the next few days but nothing new for just a week, well week and a half when it’s all over but for now I am going to take the time to recharge my energy and get back to writing things that I love on this forum.

Until next week, I hope everyone has a great one.


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