Gaming Update

Hey hey, it’s MJ,

            I was going to make this another MJ Plays like I did with Animal Crossing last year but I figured this post is just going to be a little more broad. I got a few games for Christmas and I might as well talk about them, right? 

            This post isn’t going to be long because it’s just one of those posts that’s filler for me. I know I shouldn’t have any filler posts on the blog but this is what I have in me tonight. I waited until the last minute and that’s about it really. I will hopefully actually get more into these games and things eventually but in this post it’s more of an overview so roll with me. 

            So I got three games for Christmas and I bought one over my Thanksgiving Break so I would have something besides Animal Crossing to play. I have 8th graders who tell me that the reason I am too busy to date is because I need to play Animal Crossing. Roll that through your brain for a second. 

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

            My best friend loves all of the Zelda games I think more than she loves to breathe so I figured if I played this then we would actually have something video game related to talk to besides Animal Crossing and Mario Kart. I am enjoying the game though I haven’t been playing much of anything recently just because my life is a little hectic and I keep dying in the game. I am so bad at games and that is no secret but I am trying with this one. It is beautiful and open world which is really great because I love the exploration aspect of it .

Pokémon Shield

            Got it for Christmas and I have been playing Pokémon since Ruby and Sapphire, I have missed a few in there but I absolutely love Pokémon, I grew up on the games, the TV show, and the cards even though I don’t think I have ever played a real Pokémon battle. I am naming all of my Pokémon in the game after artists I like and this is the first time I have used a fire type starter. It also is a lot different than games in the past but that is also just what is happening to video games they are going from side scrolling to open world and they are amazing. 

Luigi’s Mansion 3

            I watched people play this last year and now I am playing it and I am stuck on like the second level because I am so bad at games! I really am enjoying it though and I need to get back into it because the graphics are cute and amazing and who doesn’t love the character’s from the Mario universe. 

Super Mario Odyssey

            I love the combination of platform side scroller game, open world game, and puzzles that you get with this game, again I am stuck in the desert and I will eventually get back into it because I am having so much fun playing it. 

            I didn’t play a lot of games growing up so I am catching up now and I am still not great at them but it’s just a hobby, I’m not trying to be the best because I feel like that takes the fun out of it. 

            I told y’all this wasn’t going to be a long post because I don’t feel like I have much to say tonight but maybe eventually I will be able to make posts on each of these games or reviews of them even though they have all been out for years now but I am usually behind on the trends so why would that change now? 

            Alright everyone I hope you have a great rest of the week and I will see you over the weekend with another post. 


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