Quilting Update

Hey hey, it’s MJ,

            So I did a post like this last fall and I have like two more things in process at the moment because that’s just what my life is like. Nothing has been finished just because between my mom and I we have like fifteen projects to go onto the machine and we don’t have any backing. I also realized that I didn’t put anything in that I made for anyone else; the problem with that though is, I made three small lap quilts for my roommates in college and didn’t take any pictures of them because I am an idiot but I did build two quilts for my best friend and I am going to include those here, one that she has and one that she’s eventually going to get. Once I get it finished and she finally texts me back, I am beginning to worry about her to be honest. 

            Right on to the quilts that I have been working on in the last few weeks, there are just two more projects and two that I have to actually build once I can find the fabric I need for them. Neither of them are complete yet, the tops aren’t even fully finished but right now this is the post that I wanted to come out with so here we are, a new quilt update. 

Project one: 

            This I bought as a pre-cut kit years ago in Grand Rapids and I liked it a lot more then but my tastes have changed since I bought this, I am not this loud anymore but it will make for a good thing to have in a guest room when I eventually get a house or something. I am going to frame it in black and then border it with a white on white fabric which is a white fabric with a white pattern on it, I put a picture of it below with the quilt so y’all can get an idea of what I am talking about because there is white on white fabric in the main body of the quilt as well. 

Project two:

            This project was two Moda Nordic Stitches Charm Packs and I am making a lap quilt out of it for the winter for my couch, I did this one mostly over Christmas Break and I have to just add the blue frame and then I am not sure what kind of border and binding I am going to go with. I just haven’t decided yet so that’s totally okay because sometimes that happens, you don’t know what you are going to do with the edge of it after you get the main body done. Ironically while I was working on this my mom was working on a queen sized version of almost the same idea with the rails between each piece but her rails are black and it’s a very busy quilt; too busy for me actually. 

Quilt’s for my Best Friend: 

            My best friend loves Transformers and so I made her a Transformers quilt for her when we were both still in Indiana. I hand cut out all of the logos in the center and appliquéd them on which was fun but I loved working on that quilt. 

            This second one I messed up on the bottom but I am rolling with it because I finished it years ago but that was as far as I got on it, I have a matching panel that I plan on making a quilt for me as well, something probably pretty similar to this one but I really enjoyed making geeky quilts and I will get back into it eventually. 

            I know that this post isn’t going to be long because since my last update I have only managed to make two of my own and I am showing you two that I have made for my best friend so it’s not a long post because it doesn’t need to be. 

            I hope everyone has a good week and I will be back over the weekend with another post!


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