2020 Roundup

Hey hey, it’s MJ, 

            So this year has been a year even though it feels like 2020 has taken 5 years of time. I feel like the last few years have gone by so quickly but this year has been the complete opposite.

            My year started out great and then everything fell apart when the quarantine started in March and everything got turned on its head and things changed. Granted I believe that what is for you will not pass you and if it is meant to be it will be so that’s what I have to chalk certain things up to this year and I just have to leave it as that because otherwise I will feel like I am lost in the woods with no way out.

            Because we had to spend so much time at home and away from people, which is not really straying too far from my MO, even now I go to work, I may run an errand or two, and then I hang out at home. I got a lot of stuff done at home, I started to really game again, I explored new hobbies, and I wrote like a lot. 

            This year wasn’t so bad, like it was real bad a complete dumpster fire and there is no denying that because it’s been like a lot and I have said that pretty much in every post since March and I tried to look at this year as a year for personal growth and I had some luck with that though this year has also just been difficult and I have faltered.

            I made myself a promise in my bullet journal this year that I would have two posts a week and that didn’t really happen until the last quarter of the year and I want to keep that up into next year and writing down my ideas has really helped during the end of this year. 

            I wasn’t sure what this post was going to be actually and I still don’t really, just a little wrap up of the year and not much else. So what did I do this year? 

            I finished up writing four of my own novels, like I have written so many words this year. I have finished six co-written projects this year. I have so far written almost 900,000 words this year which is insanity. 

I have read 40 books this year which was my goal and guess what, I hit it. A lot of them were cozy mysteries because I needed some escapism in my life.

            I have done a lot of things, I have watched a lot of YouTube, started working out again, taking better care of me, and exploring more hobbies than years prior because I had so much time at home. I finished my entire bullet journal this year and started next year already. Over break I plan on doing all the way until at least April for next year so I don’t have to worry about it and then up until like July over spring break in March. 

            There has been so much that has happened this year and it won’t all just end when the clock strikes midnight on the 31st, we are still going to be living with a pandemic and I hope that everyone is doing okay and doing everything you can to keep yourself and the people that you care about safe and healthy. This year showed all of us that we are stronger than we give ourselves credit for because it has challenged us at every turn. We made it through the year, we made it to December but we don’t know if we still have tomorrow we never know if tomorrow is guaranteed because it’s not. So live every day as fully as you can because you never know what could change. 

            I don’t have any clever words or phrases at the end of this it’s just a roundup post, a moment to reflect on this year where every day showed us something new and sometimes terrifying. I hope that the end of everyone’s 2020 is good no matter how you are ending the year and that 2021 is not a challenging as this year has been for so many people. 

            I will see everyone this weekend with another post and I hope that everyone who celebrates Christmas has a happy one no matter how you are spending it this year. I hope that everyone has a great rest of the week!


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