Christmas Candle Scent Round Up

Hey hey, it’s MJ, 

            I did a similar post for autumn and maybe I should have called this winter scents but let’s be real there are like four winter scent notes and I like all of them, vanilla, peppermint, cedar, and snow, whatever snow smells like. 

            I had a lot more holiday candles before we moved from Indiana but in an effort to not have to move so many candles because they are heavy I burned many of my holiday candles and I have yet to replace them so maybe this will be half scents of candles and the other half scent plugs of which I have two plug-ins in my apartment. I don’t know yet though so bear with me, let’s be real I never really know what’s going on, that’s just me as a person. 

            This post is probably going to be shorter than my autumn post with similar content but here we go.

Twisted Peppermint from Bath and Body Works, candle day was just a few short days ago and I of course skipped it because well I work during the week and I don’t feel like braving the mall in the evening this time of year, no thank you. I like the characters on this candle as well as the smell but for now it is going unburned on my bookshelf as part of a display of small stuffed animals.

            Evergreen also from Bath and Body Works, I love the smell of ever green trees and this one is great. I don’t really have much to say about this candle but I do really enjoy the scent and scents like it. 

            Several Bath and Body Works mini candles in Frosted Cranberry (pictured below), Fresh Sparkling Snow, and Fresh Balsam, I got these a while back actually when I was still working in Indiana during Secret Santa season, I bought some for myself while getting a gift for someone else and I haven’t burned them though I have had other mini candles from B&BW over the years and I have burned all of them. 

            My snowman candle holder, like my skull candle holder is from Yankee candle and I don’t actually know where all of my little votives are for this one the only one that I know where it is, is the one in the holder and that is North Pole. 

            Last but not least is my advent candle, I have had this one for probably 4 or 5 years now and I just don’t want to burn it, I know that burning candles is the purpose of candles but it’s the finality of it, besides I don’t actually have anything to put under it right now and I am still not allowed to burn candles so when I get a place that is really my own I will go back to purchasing and burning candles but until then they just hang out and are aesthetically pleasing. 

            Well I think that’s it for me for today, I know that this post isn’t long but they all don’t have to be epics in their own right. I have had a busy month and we only have one more week of school before break so there is always that to look forward to. 

            I will see everyone on Wednesday with another post but until then I hope that everyone has a great start to the week. 


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