Things that I did as Hobbies in 2020

Hey hey, it’s MJ,

         I feel like I have been writing a billion blog posts this year but I did try to do my two a week, well it worked about the last four months, I didn’t post anything in February and March. February because I was in a lot of pain because of my back and March because the world fell apart in March but I didn’t really hit my two a week stride until August and I am trying to keep it up. Posting twice a week consistently was one of my goals this year and I’m working on it now, it’s one of my goals for next year too so let’s see if I can actually do it.

         2020 has been a trial y’all it’s been one of those years that I just want to leave behind and look back on it with a grimace but I don’t think that the new year changing over to 2021 will miraculously fix all of our problems but we can hope, right?

         I write a lot of my posts in advance, like it’s the last day of Thanksgiving break and this post doesn’t come out for a week but I wanted to get it done when I had the time to do it so I could still have two a week even when school is back in session. 

         But what did I do this year as hobbies? 

1. I gamed

         I pretty much just played Animal Crossing New Horizons and I’m not playing Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild which I have been meaning to play for a while now and I am really bad at it, I die a lot but I am still playing it. 

2. I painted

         I did some random painting this year and I also did an acrylic pour, that one was fun but difficult and I still have yet to hang it up in my apartment. I want to do another one but I have to get more pouring medium so that will probably be a Christmas break project so in like three weeks (from when I’m writing this, two from the post date) so I’ll work on it then.

3. I wrote

         I wanted to get finished with six works in progress, I am done with four which is still a pretty good number. Writing has been a huge creative outlet for me for almost a decade now and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

4. I bullet journaled

         I have several posts about that from this year, update 1, 2, and when it’s published next week you can also read part 3. This was something that kept me sane through the quarantine in the spring and even over the summer because I pretty much have quarantined besides going to the grocery store, work, and essential things since March. 

5. I started working out again

         This was more recent but I have been walking 5K’s for fun, only two have been medaled but I have been walking all sorts of miles. I also have started to do yoga again, I am really bad at it but I am still working on it. 

6. I crafted

         I did a few DIY’s this year mostly for the holidays, which you can check out if you want because I did a cute little one for Halloween an then a second for Halloween and then I did one recently for Christmas

7. I read

         Seriously this was also in my self-care post from Wednesday but roll with me, I have read 35 books this year and lost myself in worlds beyond this one which was kind of nice, a lot of them were cozy mysteries and if you want to know what I have read you can because I am having a linking fest to this post, part 1, 2, and 3. I will probably even link part 4 when it gets published at the end of the month. 

         I feel like I did more things in 2020 but I don’t want to put over eat and cry in here because those aren’t really hobbies, they are cries for help so I think I am going to steer clear of those for now. 

         I wonder what everyone else did for hobbies this year because I feel like this year was a time where we all had to learn new hobbies or get back in touch with hobbies we haven’t picked up in years.

         I will see everyone on Wednesday with another post, which is already written so it will go up Wednesday unless I completely forget, but until then I hope everyone has a great start to the week!


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