Self-Care/ Mental Health Check Ideas

Hey hey, it’s MJ,

            I feel like this year has been one of those when you realize how much self-care that we should be doing and how much we don’t do. Also let’s be real I know that my mental health suffered this year and I found myself needing to do things that made me feel better and made me take care of myself. Self-care means different things to different people so what I do might not help you, but these are things that I have found that have helped me a lot this year to keep myself centered. 

            There aren’t going to be any photos in this one because I needed to make a list and I like lists, that’s something that actually really helps with my anxiety so here’s my list and it’s all my thoughts and opinions so if you don’t agree with me, that’s cool. 

1. Meditation

            So I have been doing guided meditation for a few years now and I don’t do it as often as I should, I usually listen to The Mindful Movement on YouTube and it’s great. I usually just put headphones in with a face mask on and hang out on my bed for 20-30 minutes and take the time to refocus my brain.

2. Sheet Masks/ Skin care

            Up until this year I would have called them just face masks but that has a different meaning now. So a sheet mask, I am partial to Tony Moly and a few others but I have a small crate of sheet masks in my fridge so I can use them whenever I want. I need to do this more now too because of the fact that I do wear a mask every day to work and my skin is suffering for it. Also just doing a good skin care routine can just make you feel so much better. 

3. Dance it out

            Just turn on some music and dance it out, sing along, just move and groove because sometimes listening to something you like and just move around. 

4. Turn off your phone or at least get off social media

            I have found myself needing detoxes from social media this year because it’s been a mess all over the internet no matter where it is. I just need to walk away because I don’t want to be brought down with people fighting and all of that. 

5. Read a book

            My goal is still 40 this year, I am at 35 right now and I just need five more in December which I have two weeks off in December so that’s exciting. Reading is a place to get lost in and really this year I think that we have al wanted to get a little lost and distance ourselves from the world and reality around us.

6. Get outside

            I found myself doing this a lot later in the pandemic, I have been walking and I have done two 5K’s now and I have one more this year, I am planning on doing a bunch more next year which I am excited about but just getting out into nature with your own thoughts can help you really take the time to refocus your mind and your energy. 

7. Write

            This one really works for me, I enjoy writing books and that’s something that always helps me focus and get my brain back on track. It’s creating something out of my own brain and that means that I have to make that time and energy to do something that’s important for me. You can just journal or keep a diary it doesn’t matter if what you write is 10 words or 100,000 words it is up to you and guess what you never have to show it to anyone, it can be just for you. 

8. Watch funny content

            Like I watch a lot of YouTube and I want to enjoy what I am watching or just laughing hysterically because that makes me feel better about things, find creators that you enjoy and roll with it; sometimes you go down the YouTube hole and it can take you to some interesting places. 

9. Talk to people you care about

            This year we have had to distance ourselves and not be around people that we care about so reaching out to people this year has been so important, make sure that you are checking in with people who you care about. It’s been a weird year to say the least. 

10. Watch a TV show or movie that you love

            I watch Labyrinth because it’s my favorite movie, I watch TV shows that I enjoy or that make me smile and sometimes that’s a holiday movie in April so just roll with it. I watched a lot of things on Netflix this year so if you want suggestions you can check that post out.

11. Color

            There’s a post on that too but sometimes just putting on some classical music and coloring can be really relaxing when you just need some time to zone out.

            I could go on and on with tips but I think I will leave it at 11 for now, I may have a second post that goes along with this one eventually but for now I am just going to go with this. I feel like I am a little disjointed with his post but it’s still here for me and for you if you need some self-care advice. 

            I hope everyone has a great rest of the week and I will see y’all on Sunday with another post! 


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