Autumn Candle Roundup

Hey hey, it’s MJ,

            So my last post was all about my autumn décor and now I am going to tell you all about the candles that I own because why not? I am at this point where I am kind of drained creatively so I figured a nice fun little post. 

            I haven’t purchased a candle in probably two years because I had so many, actually that’s a lie I bought two from Target a couple of weeks ago for the season, I love candles and if I had infinite money I would probably buy every candle Yankee Candle and Bath and Body Works sell, seriously. 

            Also where I live right now I can’t actually burn candles because that is against my lease so I just have them out in places to look cool. 

            So what candles do I have for this time of year? 

            Most of them smell like pumpkin because why not? 

            I feel like this post if going to be super short and disjoined but this, this is the post I can come up with today and they can’t all be winners, so work with me. Thanks. 

            Spellbound Sangria, it’s from Target’s dollar bins at the front because I shouldn’t look in those and it’s shaped like a cauldron, it’s cute and it sits on my desk because décor. 

            Crisp Morning Air from Yankee Candle also sits on my desk because I wanted another little candle on my desk. 

            Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut, it smells so good and it’s from Bath and Body Works which I still accidently call Bed Bath & Beyond all the time because they are similar so I make the mistake. 

            Pumpkin Spice, the most basic of the fall scents and one that I have all over my apartment, this one is from Hallmark and it’s too cute to actually burn. 

            Sand + Fog Pumpkin Spice, I got this at HomeGoods (the year before last I think) and I mentioned this in my décor post, it is a fun jar and I really just like it for the ambience and it smells good. 

            Misc fall Yankee Candles for my Skull holder, they are Pumpkin Pie (which I have two of), Sugar & Spice, Spiced Pumpkin, Cinnamon Stick, and Autumn in the Park. They will be used eventually when I can make sure that putting them in the skull holder will not ruin the skull holder. 

            Pumpkin Woods, from Bath and Body Works, this for sure held up books for like a year and half, now a Funko Pop! of Smaug holds up those books. 

            Pumpkin Spiced Cheesecake, it smells really great actually, I have made a pumpkin cheesecake before and it smells similar. 

            Spiced Pumpkin, this one is also from the Target dollar stop because it’s right inside the door and there are always really great things in there that they want you to make a snap decision on purchasing. 

            It’s short and I know that, believe me I feel like writing this makes me look insane, maybe I am but at the moment this is what I can produce, my brain is addled with my fall cold at the moment and I promised myself I would try really hard not to miss an upload. This is actually switched with another post because my lack of creativity to make another Halloween DIY, I’m working on it and hopefully I will come up with something by this weekend. If not I’ll move some more things around but here I am telling you about candles because while this was going to be a post it was not going to be a post yet. 

I would love to do a candle haul because that’s kind of this style of post but I can’t walk into a lot of these stores at the moment, the scents sometimes give me a headache and with having to wear a mask the scents stick and that means that a headache is almost guaranteed, so from my quarantine to you, candles.

            Hope y’all have a good rest of the week and I will see y’all on Sunday with another post.


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