My Current Makeup Organization

Hey hey, it’s MJ,

            This is kind of a continuation to my new makeup set up from last year in a way just because I have gotten more things and that means that I have had to really think about all of the space I have and by that I mean lack of space. Seriously, no storage in this apartment, hopefully someday if the fates line up I will eventually be somewhere better but at the moment it is what it is and there is nothing I can do to change it so I am just dealing with it. 

            So what’s my organization like?

            On the table I have very little, some of my larger palettes, my lipsticks, my all the time brushes, and my foundation and concealer. Fun fact I am actually sitting in front of all my makeup at the moment so make sure that all of this makes sense. I had to clean my makeup table off to actually sit over here so that’s probably a good and bad thing, makes me clean up but doesn’t bode well for the frequency I have been wearing makeup lately. Quarantine and fear have been keeping me from actually playing with my makeup in the last several months. 

            My tips for storage first and foremost, find plastic storage, Home Goods and TJ. Maxx are not bad places to look if you don’t want to pay full price, Amazon if you kind of know what you want, or if you are willing there are places online that specialize in these items, ro so I am told. 

            Desk organization items can also be great tools. To be honest the thing that holds my palettes on my table is a desk organizer, I have one on my desk that holds all my notebooks so do with what you have. 

            My brushes are in a flower pot, I have no idea where it came from but I have it and it’s full of brushes, my other brushes are in a juice glass that I had in my kitchen. Seriously those little Ikea tumbler glasses are great for some many things! Glasses work for tall things. My mascara, lip liners, and misc. other cylindrical objects are in a beaker that I got at Michael’s during Halloween season several years go and I repurposed it for all of that.

            Everything else in my makeup collection is in  a three tiered cart, I got this at Micahel’s as well it’s just a multipurpose crafting cart, you can get them at Ikea too, that’s where my mom got hers that she uses for quilting so find something that can do double or even triple duty if it has to. 

            Top shelf is all palettes because I have a problem, but it fits all of them nicely so I can’t complain. 

            The second shelf is my little basket full of application tools as well as any of the inserts that come out of eyeshadow palettes that give you look ideas. The little basket I got at Wal-Mart and it matches the one in my bathroom, again you can find little wire baskets pretty much anywhere and you can find a size that would work for you.

            The little crate on this shelf should be familiar if you read my bathroom organization post because I have six of these in my bathroom, you even got to see one in my Bullet Journal supplies post but this contains all of my highlighters, bronzers, contour, and blushes because I needed a container to organize all of them. I didn’t want them all loose all over the shelf because that makes me all kinds of anxious. 

            The bottom shelf container is full of all the makeup samples I have gotten from IPSY because again I wanted all of them in one place and knowing that they are all in the same place means that I can add to it or look from something and it’s going to be in there. 

            There are a few loose things on this shelf like my magnetic palette’s which I need to work on because one of them just doesn’t want to hold things, there is a good chance it was the magnet itself that I put on the highlighter pan but still, it’s kind of annoying. 

            So there it is, my organization, it may not work for you but it’s something that has worked for me even though I do my makeup in the bathroom, I am still looking for a good makeup mirror that would make my life so much easier because I am visually challenged and using a mirror like two feet from my face is a challenge. 

            Any tips and tricks? I would love to hear them.

            I will see everyone later in the week with another post so I hope everyone has a good week! 


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