2020 Bullet Journal Update #1

Hey hey, it’s MJ, 

            So MJ how’s 2020 going? You know that screaming goat that was really popular to put in songs a few years ago to be funny, that’s what 2020 feels like. That goat screaming into the void. 

            On a lighter note though, I have had more time to actually make my bullet journal pretty creative and I have successfully done all four months so far this year without going insane, though February got the best of me so the latter half of that month didn’t really get tracked like the rest of my year so there’s that. 

            Like I said in my wrap up last year I did some things different this year including theming all of my months because I am lame like that. I themed May last year Star Wars (this year will be the same) but I did that as a trial run to see if I could do that this entire year so there are touches of the theme on most of the non-calendar pages. 

            I am not the best artist, I would never claim to be because it would be a lie, a bold faced lie; but I do try really hard, I’m not going to show any of my lead up pages because I will save those for the end of year wrap up. Also notice the title, update #1, I did that last year too with the intention to do it again later in the year. Spoiler alert, I didn’t but we are going to try that again this year and hope for the best. 

            So what are some of my favorite pages so far?

            I have enjoyed doing all of my monthly covers and they have taken me hours this year so I think that is growth? 


            January’s theme was Studio Ghibli because I have loved it since Kiki’s Delivery Service was on Disney in the last 90’s early 2000’s, whenever it was I watched it every time it was on. Then I took Japanese in high school and into university but we watched a few Studio Ghibli films then so I have seen many of them and loved many of them. (I can watch Howl’s Moving Castle, Kiki’s Delivery Service, My Neighbor Totoro, and Spirited Away over and over again.)

Cover is My Neighbor Totoro and Kiki because that’s just want I wanted.
  I wrote my habit trackers in Japanese, they are not written like you would see them in Japanese because they are not on the right side of the page and going vertically not starting at the left and going horizontally, that’s just how we would read it in English.
The soot sprites! I loved them in Spirited Away so I figured why not make them my mood tracker for January.
 I found this checklist on Pinterest and recreated it here, by the way, free handing Totoro like that was a challenge! 


 February’s theme was DC because I really like comic books and I figured if I had Marvel I had to have DC. 

The cover is five heroes and a villain, Harley has always been and will always be one of my favorite comic book characters so I had to include her. I grew up on the Justice League and Teen Titans so it only made sense that I take inspiration from both of those shows.
  My mood tracker was Harley’s hammer because again, it just seemed fitting, and I didn’t even know how February was going to be when I did it and it was a mess so it worked. 
 I did a movie checklist here as well for the newer DC films, I haven’t seen any of them except Suicide Squad so they are all on my watch list. 


  March was The Labyrinth because it is my favorite movie, I have subjected so many of my friends to watching this movie and they all think it’s weird. I love it though and I figured it needed its own entire month.

The cover is as if Sarah is looking through the crystal ball to her friends, like in the ballroom scene, it’s not the best but I did try.
Tiny habit tracker drawing, I love the door knockers so I had to draw one of them with his probably most iconic line. 
 I chose a stained glass tree for the mood tracker because it just felt like it would be something that would fit into that world without being explicitly shown. 
The Labyrinth doesn’t have a checklist associated with it so I did a quotes page.


April, our current month was Marvel themed, more or less Avenger’s themed because the cinematic universe does focus on that team, licensing and all that. 

The cover is Avengers Tower which took me well over an hour to just color in so I was really proud of that. I had to pair it with one of the funniest quotes I could think of, even though there are some great Tony stark one liners in so many of the films. This one just seemed fitting. 
My mood tracker is the arch reactor, modified to have enough spots for all the days in April.
I had to put a very funny Endgame quote at the bottom of my meal planner, because Endgame while it was devastating had some great one liners. 
The end of the month like some of the other months is a Marvel movie checklist and as you can see I have seen a lot more Marvel movies than DC, I grew up on DC TV shows and like the X-Men but now the MCU is something that I have seen most of. 

            So that’s it so far for 2020, it’s been crazy so far this year but I made a promise to myself that I would actually bullet journal this year, the whole year and I do not want to break that promise to myself for the third year in a row.

            I will see everyone in a few days with a new post, until then, stay safe stay healthy!


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